Frozen Foods to get us thru the hectic days of summer

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Whatever happened to lazy days of summer? I remember the days I packed up the three kids and dragged the large swim bag to the pool for the day. This summer I am not sure I have even been in the water at our pool. The kids all off in different directions and activities our mornings especially are more hectic than school year. Having frozen food options for breakfast and even lunch has been my lifesaver his summer. There are actually many benefits of frozen foods


This summer we have had to leave the house around 8 am for swim team and tennis practice. The kids can easily grab EGGO waffles from the freezer and make a quick breakfast. We purchase the whole grain variety for extra nutrition. 


While I would love to have a freezer full of homemade frozen breakfast burritos, realistically this does not happen. The kids love grabbing a Jimmy Dean Delight sandwich, especially the English muffin, turkey sausage and egg white variety. Add this to a glass of OJ or cut fruit for a well-balanced, protein packed meal.. The freezing process actually maintains the freshness of the ingredients and does not create soggy eggs, an issue I have had making my own frozen snacks. Find the benefits of fresh vs frozen.

Jimmy-Dean-Delights For an extra summertime treat, the kids enjoy a toaster strudel now and then. I grew up with bakery fresh coffee cakes but always felt compelled to eat it before it went bad. Now you can just get an individual serving whenever you crave it.


Lunchtime can be just as exhausting in the summer. The kids and I will grab a quick meal out of the freezer on days no one is motivated to make anything or more realistically we don’t have bread. I recently enjoyed the Morning Star pizza, especially the southwest influenced variety.

Hot pockets are also summertime and after school snack favorites at our house. The spinach and 3 cheese in pretzel variety reminds us of a Spanakopita.


What types of frozen foods do you have in your freezer to help with the hectic days of summer?



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  1. I have only frozen berried and extras of things ive cooked I’ve never been a big fan of frozen meals although i do concede that they are extremely quick and handy

  2. We do not keep a many frozen foods in our freezer. We do have frozen waffles! I should think on getting some of those frozen foods, especially when I’m busy and running around a lot.

  3. I cook frozen meals at least once a week. Eggos are a must in my house. And morningstar is another great brand

  4. The only frozen foods we have are popsicles and ice cream. Can’t go wrong there for a cool down!

  5. I love these frozen delights by Morning Star! I try not to eat them way too often, though. But the taste they developed is one of the best!

  6. I love frozen foods. I am part of a freezer meal group, and we do a monthly swap. It saves me in summer because it takes care of dinner. I will have to look into these for breakfasts.

  7. we don’t get most of this stuff, except for the toasted strudels the kids eat those during the school season.

  8. These are some great low cal breakfast options. We eat Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches and kids like eggo waffles and pancakes.

  9. I have seen these in SnR, but have not made an actual purchase. Now that I’ve read something from someone that said it’s ok, I’ll get some next time. They do seem perfect if you need a quick meal.

  10. What a great way to get your breakfast in when you don’t have time. I love that they are low cal too.

  11. very nice! we have lots of frozen foods as well in the freezer for those lazy days at home and whne we are out in the pool!

  12. It’s nice to have the frozen items for a quick lunch when you are in between activities. They are life savers sometimes!

  13. I use to make these when my kids lived at home, so easy and I could be sure they ate. They liked these for lunch too.

  14. That baja black bean pizza looks delicious. I usually cook tons of pancakes the beginning of the week and freeze them! My girls absolutely love them and they are an easy breakfast or snack to make them!

  15. There are some frozen foods I really enjoy, and don’t mind having, even over fresh foods. Morning Star is definitely one of those companies! They have the best tasting veggie burgers.

  16. I think I may have to get those Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches and some more waffles for breakfast. These help in the school year too when we have to get breakfast quickly and get out the door!

  17. You must have invaded our freeezer.. we are packed with frozen foods because our schedules are so crazy.

  18. Jimmie Dean’s breakfast sandwiches are delicious! So are hot pockets. I keep these on hand for quick meals when I have no time for cooking of any sort.

  19. We have breakfast sandwiches in our freezer as well along with a lot of frozen berries to take out to use in a snap on cereals and such. These look like some great products to put in my freezer for those hectic summer days.