The Best Frozen Foods to take on Vacation

The Best Frozen Foods to take on Vacation

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While I love our week at the beach with the family, the only difference in my role as mom, is the location. While my husband is usually around to help entertain the kids most of the days, meals are still part of my responsibility. Let’s get real, is it really a vacation if I am cooking all the time? This year, since our trip is longer, I am looking to the frozen food section for some help and relief from the kitchen. Frozen. How Fresh Stays Fresh


We will have guests coming and going this summer at the beach as well as some of the kids friends, so frozen foods will be a big help and the kids can prepare some of them on their own. We are filling the cooler this year with frozen pizzas, appetizers, side dishes and maybe some desserts.

frozen foods for easy entertaining

Bagel Bites-– These are in our freezer all year round. The kids can heat these up for a quick after school snack or in this case coming back from the beach starving.

Freschetta pizzas make an easy lunch or kids dinner if I have really checked out of the kitchen. I don’t mind a frozen pizza for the kids once in a while especially if I am on vacation.

Ore Ida french fries make the perfect companion to grilled burgers or easy pulled pork sandwiches.   I love using the frozen hash browns for short cut breakfast casseroles.

Throw some Stouffers Mac & Cheese in the oven for an easy side dish as well. Made with 100% real cheese and fresh pasta, no one will know it was frozen!!

Discover the difference of fresh vs frozen and the benefits of frozen foods

For a special treat this beach trip, I will be packing along some frozen food appetizers we can throw in the oven for a quick snack or unexpected guests. We had to taste test the Friday’s mozzarella sticks which are always a big hit with the kids.

What frozen foods do you pack along for your house rental vacations?


  1. Frozen pizzas would be totally easy after a long day of activities!

  2. I’ve never taken frozen foods on a vacation, but friends have told me that dry ice works wonders for keeping them at the proper temperature. It certainly would make meal prep on a long trip quick.

  3. i always have frosen foods in the fridge since it always handy when my daughter wants something or my there is unexpected guests

  4. I don’t think you have to cook every day. I think it is great you are taking breaks with ready made frozen foods. Love the mozzarella sticks. Yummy!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. These look like fun foods for camping or travel. I tend to avoid frozen, but maybe I shouldn’t.

  6. I love having some quick snacks on hand for the kids.You look very prepared!

  7. This is a great list and kid friendly as well!

  8. Nothing’s wrong with a few frozen foods. Some of these are great.

  9. Depending how far you drive, the technology of some of these coolers are amazing. I have tried to defrost meat before so I could cook it our first night, and have gotten to our location with it still frozen solid.

  10. Thanks samantha, I really want to enjoy some of the vacation too.

  11. If you’re going to have a frozen pizza, Freschetta is the way to go. I love that pizza!

  12. oh i just love this,,,, when you go out or on the road you dont want everything melting and you dont want to be just eating hot dogs your while trip. this is awesome and full of great tips

  13. I’ve never really thought of taking frozen food on a vacation because I’d be worried it would defrost but this is a great idea!

  14. That is such a great ideas. What a good way to save money.

  15. What a smart idea! I really hope to take a family road trip, and this could definitely save us some money!

  16. what a great idea, and now im hungry…thanks! lol xo, jess @

  17. We use frozen foods a lot when we are at our campground. I don’t always feel like firing up the grill when it’s just myself. This is where frozen foods come in handy. You just have to read the labels. Not all frozen foods are bad for you or taste gross. You just have to be a bit picky.

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