Fun toy for all ages- Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

This post about Fun toy for all ages,  was made possible by the sample provided my KidStuffPR and Crazy Aaron’s Putty . What is Thinking Putty anyway? My daughter said a friend of hers had a collection of is stuff. It comes in over 40 colors including one that glows in the dark and ones that are magnetic.


I was not sure what to think when the Thinking Putty Arrived, so we immediately opened it to see what all the excitement was about. The picture was taken after the kids played with it for a bit.


My kids had literally hrs of fun with this putty when it arrived as they massaged the hyper color variety change colors. 


As you can tell one side (yellow) was played with and the other was just in the container. Now the putty I grew up did not do that.

They tested the Thinking Putty and stretching, tearing, snapping ,popping m kneading and most fun bouncing it. It does leave little strands of plastic if they stretch it too thin and the dog seemed to enjoy it. Two cons in my book.

However after brief instruction on my rules, they continued to enjoy discovering the fun of Thinking Putty each box provides a few hand exercises that really any age young and old can enjoy to build up those fine motor skills

This American Made toy will make a great stocking stuffer this year too. I was worried I would not be able to get it off the carpet, but it pulled right off. NOTE: we had not stepped on it so it was not adhered that tightly.

More about Crazy Aaron’s Putty: In the fall of 1998, Aaron Muderick was designing web sites for a living, which can have bouts of downtime so code can compile. After the dot com crash, Aaron built a putty-experimentation-lab in his parents’ basement where he researched and refined his own putty recipe. In the process creating quite a few varieties – Heat Sensitive color-changing, Crystal Clear, Super Magnetic, and many other amazing colors.

Crazy Aaron’s products are Made in the USA and can be found in specialty toy, science, museum, gift, bookstore, college, hospital gift and arts & crafts stores. See all of their colors and seasonal specials at their online store. For more information about Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld please see my attached press release and check out this YouTube video that show cases all the endless possibilities and capabilities of Thinking Putty

Have you heard of Thinking Putty?

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