Easter Gift Ideas Made in America

Have you really paid much attention to where items you own are made? IT wasn’t until I was teaching a World Travelers Class and discussed China. I asked the kids to check their shoes, back packs etc for the Made in … stamp. It feels a little unpatriotic actually to discover how many things we as consumers purchase overseas. For Easter Gifts this year, I decided to purchase as many gifts as I could that were  Made in America.


You might be thinking that might take forever and how will you find something to please everyone in your home? Lucky for me, I found 50Roots.com  online store, that only sells items that are made in America. They have a wide selection of gift items for the home, for men, women, and for kids. 

Made in the USA

Here are a few items I fell in love with and will adding to our Easter baskets this year.


Gifts For Him: Repurposed Beer bottles. Not only the glasses these made in America but they are items that don’t fill up our land fills.  50Roots.com has a variety of these repurposed beer bottles turned into drinking glasses. I felt the green Heineken ones would be a great addition to my husband’s Man’s Den.


Gifts For Her: I have reused wine corks for many crafts, but never the bottle, that usually goes into our recycling bin. Well, the folks from RE-Wined, in Charleston, SC are reusing wine bottles and making soy candles. The packaging will make any wine lover smile even before they get to the wine scented candles.


Easter Gifts For Kids: 50Roots.com has a great assortment of babies toys that are Made in America. As much as young children put toys in their mouth, you don’t want to worry about lead paint. My kids are too old for many of their selections, but knew they would fall in love with this large Checker board. The board is a little rug and as you can see the pieces large. I thought this would be a great family toy as well as a great item to take with us on trips.

made in usa 50roots

These are just a few of the made in America gifts ideas from 50Roots and they are adding new vendors constantly. Even from the time I first placed my order to the day I wrote up this post, there were new and artsy items listed.

So before you buy a gift, take a second to see where it was made and consider buying as many Made in America gifts. There are several Mother’s Day Gift Ideas  and Fathers Day Gift Ideas that are unique and help the local economies.

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  1. so glad you are a fan, I am impressed that are determined to keep it american made

  2. I had been searching for a company like this for a long time. When they first launched I purchased some really fun made in America gifts for friends and family. Not only were the gifts appreciated by all but the story of 50 Roots was a crowd pleaser as well! God Bless America and all the high quality goods she has to offer. Thank you 50 Roots!

  3. Cool! I love the repurposed beer bottles, such a great idea. I am always looking for US made products so I will definitely be checking out 50Roots!

  4. That’s a clever idea! Repurposing beer bottles! 🙂 I love it! 🙂

  5. I love those repurposed bottles. They’re really original and they also look great!

  6. Such wonderful ideas and US made. What could be better?! 🙂