Gluten Free Protein Bars

This post about gluten-free protein bars is brought to you by NoGii bars and Moms Meet. 

While our family does not live gluten-free if there is a product that we normally consume without gluten, I will often purchase that one. When it comes to fitness bars, I look for those that are high in protein and flavor. Gluten-free is just a bonus. NoGii Bars have a selection of gluten-free high protein bars and powders for the athlete in your home. 


The reason people love protein bars is that they serve as a portable, non perishable protein. While some of the bars had more calories than someone with my exercise level should consume, we would cut them up and eat them over a few days. Be sure to check the calories when picking your GoGii Bars and purchase them based on your exercise level. I gave most of the high protein ones to our dog sitter who was a fitness trainer as well. They have high Protein and super protein bars but the calories increase with the protein. 



I especially liked the small Bite-sized Chocolate Caramel Bliss. Only 1 oz was full  of flavor and protein. They made a great alternative for a dessert as they provided protein while satisfying my sweet tooth. NoGii has no probably coming up with flavors that will grab anyones attention, from cookies and cream to peanut butter and chocolate. You won’t even imagine that you are eating a protein bar and not a decadent dessert. 


I liked the Paleo Bars, but these were more dense and nutty in flavor. I shared these with my friends on my tennis team as well. I could hardly keep them for fighting over the flavors. 


After receiving my sampler, I then was at an airport and noticed they were selling NoGii bars at a smoothie restaurant. They make a great alternative for a high protein meal when you don’t have a chance to eat at home. I loved the fact they are portable and won’t melt as bad as other protein bars I have had in the past. 

You can buy Nogii Bars on Amazon too. 

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