On-the-go Drinks for Road Trips or workouts

Spring is here as well as nicer weather and more outdoor activities for the kids and family. Maybe you are headed on a road trip for spring break or simply taking a picnic with the family. Either way, it is nice to have an arsenal of easy on-th-go drinks to pack along in your coolers. I recently was asked to try two on-the-go drinks and provided with samples to conduct this review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


First, nothing says warmer weather than a glass of sun brewed Iced Tea. Well if you are not prepared or just don’t have the time to brew up your own, grab a bottle of Tradewinds Tea. Tradewinds is a which is a flavorful brand of slow-brewed teas made with premium black tea leaves and real sugars. This all-natural, high-quality beverage comes in an array of refreshing flavors making for the perfect sweet tea.


The tea was flavorful but definitely a Southern Style Sweet Tea. Even my kids said this was sweet. Tradewinds Tea also comes in a unsweetened version so you can adjust the sweetness for yourself. 


The second on-the-go drinks for road trips or even more so warm weather work-outs is Taste Nirvana’s coconut waters. Taste Nirvana produces all-natural, Thailand originated and preservative free, coconut waters. These offer the most authentic taste you can get without actually drinking from the coconut. Coconut Water has been found to offer many benefits including weight loss, hydration and few calories than other sports drinks.


The Taste Nirvana coconut waters come in a few different varieties. We preferred the plain and one with real chunks of coconut. I am sure there are benefits of the Aloe Coconut waters but not the top choice for our family.


Be sure and fill your fridge with some on the go drinks as the weather warms up.


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