Add some Spark to your Fourth Of July BBQ w/ Cousins Maine Lobster

Pictures of Maine - Traveler PhotosThis photo of Maine is courtesy of TripAdvisor

One of my favorite places in the summer to visit, although I have only been twice is Maine. It was the last trip my husband and I took before we had children and then we went again for my cousin’s wedding for 2/3 children. With the hot sultry weather of VA, it was not only a cooler spot but such amazing landscape and food. You an imagine what I am talking about Lobsters and blueberries in everything. I do mean everything! We did not try it but did find a place selling lobster ice cream.


This summer add some spark to your next BBQ by surprising your guests with some gourmet dishes with Fresh Maine Lobster from Cousins Maine Lobster. Have you heard of it? My husband and I happened to be watching “Shark Tank” when they aired the where are they now segment and showed the successes of Cousins Maine Lobster La.

This company started as on of LA’s most visited food trucks, but after winning an investment from mogul Barbara Corcoran on ABC’s “Shark Tank” the brand quickly expanded into 2 trucks, an LA-based brick & mortar restaurant and US-wide delivery service, bringing gourmet, sustainable, NEVER frozen lobster meals to doorsteps across the nation within 24 hours. 

cousins maine lobsters

They not only send live lobsters but also 

  • Lobster Mac n’ Cheese

maine lobster rolls

  • Lobster Rolls and Full Meal Deals recreate the traditional Maine lobster roll at home with fresh, never frozen claw and knuckle meat. Toast up the split top Country Kitchen rolls and finish up with a round of Whoopie Pies, delicious chocolate cake and vanilla cream filling.

  • Whole Lobster Tails

  • Lobster meat for tacos, seafood salad, etc I have been wanting to make Lobster Mac and Cheese and now I have an excuse.

Check out their deals they have going on for this Fourth Of July HERE! Wouldn’t you love this package at your front door. The Cousins Maine Lobster Roll Kit  came with everything you  need to make those amazing lobster rolls I remember from our trip. Mouth is watering for dinner tonight!

cousins maine lobster

I could eat Lobster Rolls everyday and I love the fact they send you a full meal package within 24 hours of ordering. Yummy. SO if you can’t get to Maine or even to their food truck for Lobster LA you can still order the gourmet and fresh flavors to your home with Cousins Maine Lobster. It only takes 24 hours from order to your door!

What was the last occasion you had lobster? Where was it from?


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  1. I missed their pitch episode only saw the where they are now shark tank episode

  2. When I saw lobsters, I had to looks! These look absolutely delicious! I’ve just gone to their site and looks great!

  3. I remember that episode!! They seemed fun & very personable!!

  4. I have never been to Maine, but I would love to go, especially for the lobster! Just looking at these pictures is making ym mouth water!

  5. To be honest I’ve only tried lobster once and that was many many years ago when my mom ordered it at a local restaurant. I don’t even remember what it tasted like.

  6. I LOVED them on Shark Tank! I also love lobster so I am sure they are doing great! I wish I could afford this, but with 6 of us to feed, it will have to be a very special occasion event for us before I take advantage of their amazing lobster delivery.

  7. they are based in California but the product comes directly from Maine. I watched it on my UPS tracker, started in Portland, ME then to VA! NO it is not going from ME to CA and then to VA!! FRESH FRESH!

  8. I love Lobster–first time I ate it was in Maine when I was very very young–I think I did have it more recently at Red Lobster (not bad at all)–It is very good to know that I can order Maine Lobster from a California company? Did I read that correctly?