Great Gifts for Pets and Pet Owners this Holiday 2018

Just because they can’t tell you what they want doesn’t mean you should skip over buying holiday gifts for your pets. Here are some great items your pets and pet owners will love. Thanks to all the sponsors for sharing these great gift ideas for your furry friends and those that love them.  Of course homemade dog treats are always the best gifts too.  Check out our Gifts for Teens, Gifts for Cooks Gift guides and Gifts for Her and Him too.

Must have gifts for the holidays

Great Gifts for Pets and Pet Owners

Don’t forget your favorite 4 legged friends and the ones that love them over the holidays.  Be sure to check out last years gifts for pet suggestions too.

Best Pet Beds

As humans we know the importance of a quality mattress.  The folks at Purple — a leading comfort technology company, know mattresses. Now they have reduced their mattress size and created Pet Beds.

The Purple Pet Bed is scientifically engineered to help pets feel and sleep better, and features advanced properties specially designed for pets and owners to enjoy:purple pet bed

Aging dogs need more comfort from the hard floors.

  • Pet comfort: Smart Comfort Grid™ technology balances softness and support to relieve pressure points and comfortably align a pet’s body. It also keeps them cool in the hot weather.
  • Bacteria-resistant and accident-proof: Advanced antimicrobial materials with two layers of spill-resistant protection defend against bacteria, odors and fluids.
  • Built to last: Ultra-durable materials rigorously tested to handle years of use and abuse from pets.

Purple Pet Bed

  • Sizes and Cost: The Purple® Pet Bed comes in small ($149), medium ($189) and large ($269) sizes (Our 75 lb Golden received a large bed and she can easily fit another small dog or human on there).
  • Wish they made a light colored topper to hide the lighter fur!


Dog Treats

Bil-Jac  Chicken Liver Dog Treats are the perfect stocking stuffers. Featuring savory and succulent fresh chicken liver as the very first ingredient followed by real chicken, these soft, chewy morsels have a scrumptious, meaty flavor dogs crave. They’re the perfect-sized positive reward training treat for any size of dog, and the tasty way to say, “I love you!” The resealable double-zipper pouch helps make sure all that irresistible aroma, taste and texture stays fresh down to the very last mouth-watering bite.


Why not make your pet the star of a personalized, custom storybook? Using a simple online tool at you can create an adorable lookalike of your dog or cat in just a few clicks. This likeness of your pet will then star in its very own 36-page personalized storybook.

Each illustrated book also includes the name of the pet’s owner and hometown. Simply enter the name and details of your pet(s) to fetch your storybook. There are other cool pet products on the site as well.

oxyfresh for pets

Oxyfresh is really a gift for both owner and four-legged friend.  What makes Oxyfresh different from other pet care products is that the key ingredient is Oxygene, a clinically proven ingredient that safely and effectively neutralizes cellular debris and toxins, eliminating bacteria and neutralizing pet odors on contact.

Fresh Breath Pet Oral Care Solution– Just add to the pet’s water to remove plaque and freshen breath fast without changing the taste of the water;

Pet Deodorizer – fast-acting spray to eliminate pet odors;

Pet Shampoo – safe and gentle

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Even better use this discount code CLASSYCHIC10 for 10% off cavity protection mouthwash.

EARTH and NOSE Friendly Kitty Litter

At first I could not believe that I can actually walk near my cat’s litter box and not smell ammonia or “chemicals” to remove smell.   ökocat, we want to help cat owner keep their homes smelling fresh during the holidays with our natural and eco-friendly cat litter.  My cat can’t tell a difference but I can which means cat owners win.  Plus the earth wins since they use natural fibers. 

    • All litter blends are made from reclaimed, sustainable wood and paper without any harmful chemicals or added scents.  Which also means you can flush it down the toilet. 
    • The natural capillary structure of wood that helps protect trees in their natural environment, works the same way to repress odors in ökocat’s litter The smell protection lasts up to 7 days.  
    • ökocat litters last longer than clay which means less time and effort and less money spent on litter.  One box should last for 2 months. 

Best Stocking Stuffers for Pet Owners

Pet owners love their furry friends, but no one loves the hair they leave behind! FurZapper is an easy solution to removing pet hair from clothes, pet bedding, blankets and more.

Just toss it into the washer and dryer with your laundry and let it work its magic. This tacky, flexible disc is just sticky enough to gently collect and pull fur, hair, dust and debris from items as they tumble through the cycles. It’s non-toxic, re-usable, hypoallergenic and 100% made in the USA. So, if you’re tired of washing and drying your clothes and still having pet hair all over, try FurZapper!  It can be found at or Amazon.

Only a dog owner can appreciate this game.  Do you look like your dog memory game is a fun game no matter the age. Pair up the dogs with their owners in this hilarious card game. 50 cards depict fun photographs of the dogs and owners, and humorous texts are included in the booklet to provide clues about 25 people and their furry best friends.

Find it on Amazon. 

Cat Owners we are not forgetting you.  Check out Cat Gurus: Wisdom from the World’s Most Celebrated Felines the perfect stocking stuffer.  Money problems? Consult Blackie the millionaire cat. Having a bad day? Ask the Cheshire Cat how he stays smiling. Lacking courage?

Be inspired by Felicette, the first cat in space. Simply select a card from the pack, follow the advice inspired by the cat’s personal philosophy and any obstacle will become surmountable.

Chloe went crazy for the adorable toys and with a purpose.  Dog for Dog is a high-quality, natural ingredient dog food, treats, with other products such as toys and accessories that help dogs in need. Their mission of donating a portion of each sale to help a hungry pup created a movement lead them to becoming one of the fastest-growing pet food companies in the industry and and now they’re back! Passionate investors and supporters of Dog for Dog include Snoop Dogg, Chelsea Handler, Michael Bublé, George Lopez, and others.

So treat your dog knowing your are helping another dog.

The revamp of this company opens the door for dogs in need and gives them a helping paw. More information about Dog for Dog can be found here:

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