Ghoolishly Fun Halloween Drinks For Kids

Ghoolishly Fun Halloween Drinks For Kids

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All opinions are mine alone. Halloween is in just a few days and my kids are getting excited about our annual Halloween neighborhood pizza party.

This year I thought I would try to mix things up a bit in the beverage department and share some of the Halloween Drink Ideas we are using.

halloween-party ideas


While shopping at Walmart for waters for the party, I found the cute 12oz size from Dasani which is so much better for kids who tend to take a sip and then move on.

I saw the orange Fanta cans just staring at me asking me to make something fun for Halloween this year. So I bought water, Orange and Grape Fanta for a few experiments.



First I thought I would try to make dark ice cubes to mix into straight Fanta. I also decided to try to make some eyeballs by adding blueberries to the ice trays.


While I get what I was going for,  I think the look is ok but I still wanted more of a spooky snack look.

You can make root beer floats why not Fanta Floats. Using mason jars I added some Cold Fanta and then topped with some Vanilla Ice cream, adorned with a gummy eye-ball.

Spooky snacks



I love how the Fanta gets a little eery with the ice cream and almost looks like a bubbly caldron.

Halloween Drinks



These Trick or Treaters were willing volunteers for the taste test. I think we are getting thumbs up, what about you? 

With the table set so festive, I thought I needed to give the waters a little makeover as well.

Plus if it is cold on Halloween, you don’t want to grab a cold water bottle. So let’s make Halloween Koozies for the drinks.

halloween party ideas 2


Simply purchase foam sheets, cut in strips about 2-3 inches long, starting on the short side of the sheet. Hot glue them together and put a Halloween Sticker on the koozie.

Not only does it serve as a hand protector but you can identify which drink by the sticker. I think these would be easy fixes for any holiday.



So before you finalize your Halloween Menu, be sure and check out the other fun #SpookySnacks


We had so much fun attending the Walmart #SpookySnacks Demo. My daughter really liked the pumpkin flavored Oreos and the colors were perfect for Halloween Week.


What fun Spooky Snacks and Halloween Drinks will you be serving this year? 



  1. Such a fun and creative idea!

  2. My kids love Fanta, I love the way you made such cool Halloween drinks. The kids will think the drinks are the coolest drinks ever.

  3. These are cute ideas! I love Halloween!

  4. Fanta is a huge hit at my house! I love those eyes in their soda! How fun!

  5. I think you could use them for just about any event, foam comes in all colors and stickers in all themes. Hope your kids have fun.

  6. spooky but in a fun way I hope, we are more of the Fun than the scary halloween folks here

  7. thanks Karla, I know timing is everything, guess you can pin it for next year:)

  8. I love this idea. I cannot believe Halloween is so close now.

  9. I love the addition of the gummy eye balls. What a fantastic idea for a Halloween drink for kids.

  10. Those are so super-cute. We love doing fun drinks and food items for Halloween

  11. Glad I’m not alone in using Fanta for Halloween treats.

  12. What cool Halloween food ideas! I wish I would have seen this post two weeks ago when I threw a Halloween theme event. I am definitely trying some of these on Friday! Thank you.

  13. I adore Fanta. These drink ideas are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  14. what fun ideas for different Halloween drinks!

  15. What a great idea! I love those ice eye balls- and my husbands favorite soda is ornage!

  16. These drinks looks super cool and something my nephews would absolutely love! To be honest, I would probably end up liking it too! I love Orange Fanta!

  17. What a clever idea to make your own coolies. My kids would get a kick out of this craft!

  18. Fun! I bet this gets creepy looking as it starts to melt! Pinning to my Halloween board. Thanks for sharing how to make this!

  19. You had me at Fanta! I love anything with Fanta in it. I’ll have to try all of these recipes.

  20. That is such a cute idea. My kids aren’t allowed to have soda, but my hubby and I would certainly enjoy these.

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