Not So Spooky Halloween Recipes Round UP 2013

It makes me a little sad to think my kids are getting older and we no longer have the “playgroup” Halloween party I had hosted for so many years. I never made it scary but just a fun get together where friends all pitched in with their favorite Halloween recipes and I was able to get out my Halloween Decorating ideas and make the room festive for our guests. Now I have Pinterest in drool over and one day will reinstitute our Halloween Party. here are so not so Spooky Halloween Recipes Round UP 2013

Halloween treats Collag

While I still can make some fun Halloween recipes I thought I would share some of my wish list Halloween  Recipe Ideas I found on Pinterest and have used on Close to Home in the past. It is never too early to plan for Halloween.

No So Spooky Halloween Recipes

 Oreo Candy Bark is a great way to use up Halloween Candy and easy enough to make for a spontaneous Halloween Gathering. You can customize it for your tastes. 

Oreo Halloween Bark



How about some Halloween Candy Sushi to get the kids really scared.

Halloween Candy Sushi

This is one of my first Halloween Recipes and I love it. Halloween Pretzel Eye Ball Treats.

Eye Ball Pretzel Treats

Halloween Cut Out Cookies

Halloween Cut out Cookies

 Thought I would add this healthy Halloween Treat recipe too.

click for source

Another fun Chocolate covered pretzel treat, edible bones..


This is so clever and so easy. Marshmallow Pops.



Just give it up I should call this Chocolate Covered Halloween Treats


Surprise your kids with these great witch hat cookies.



Incase it is a cool Halloween Night, I could not resist this Hot Cocoa recipe from Taste of Home.



How about a treat that can also serve as a Halloween Centerpiece.



How about these next adorable ideas from the Make’n Mold Tutorial Page for Halloween Treats. Super Super Cute.


Need to feed a crowd how about this adorable Candy Corn Poke Cake.

Halloween Candy Corn CAKE

Here is a great way to use up leftover candy too.



Could not resist this pumpkin either… Super Cute.

Mummify your Pumpkin

 Halloween treats Collage

 What is your favorite Halloween Recipe? 


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  1. Glad I was able to bring back good memories of Halloween and birthday parties

  2. These totally remind me of the treats my mom used to make for me and my friends for my birthday parties growing up (my birthday’s 11 days before Halloween, so we usually combined the 2 parties). What a great throwback!

  3. thanks cant take credit for them but love sharing halloween ideas from Pinterest

  4. Those “orange” pumpkins look so cute!

  5. thanks for stopping by Michele and hope you are getting in the Halloween mood.

  6. Wow, you have some great recipes ideas here! thanks for sharing

  7. Love it thanks for stopping by love to see your monster milk too, send me a link I will add it to my round up!!

  8. Too Funny! I just posted “monster milk” with the candy eyes on top of a marshmallow! Yes, my kids are getting older and we always hosted a Halloween pre-trick or treat party! So now I am hosting one for the parents! Enjoy the season, [email protected]