Hand Made Fashion Accessories With A Purpose Wakami Bracelet Coupon Code

As part of the wakami Ambassador program, I want to share what their brand is about as well as a wakami Bracelet coupon code. Make an impact not only on the person you are gifting Wakami Bracelets but also for those who are making them. Wakami is a gateway to prosperity, purpose, and hope for everyone. They create products in Guatemala that inspire the people who use them and transform the lives of the people who produce them. My daughter has several of these handmade bracelets from another company but was more impressed with wakami and the unique styles.

Trendy handmade bracelets Wakami bracelets discount code

Just look at how cute your gift will arrive to the lucky gift recipient. There are so many other color choices, I just chose the blue themed one. They have ones for men and women.

wakami bracelet discount code


GET your wakami bracelet discount code to use on wakamiglobal.com   Use MARIA9 to get 10% off any purchase from their site.

Trendy handmade bracelets Wakami bracelets discount code

Check out how just what an impact wakami has on the communities it employs



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Be sure to check out this video as to why you need to support this great company while enhancing your accessories at the same time. Tell me who would not want to receive a set of these adorable bracelets that are such the rage in teens and adults alike.

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