Healthy Dessert Ideas: Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe

Since I have been blogging, I make more desserts than I ever do since it is for work! Maybe this is why my clothes are getting tighter. Unless I become a fashion blogger, which I have no fashion sense, food and crafting are where I will stay.

So I thought I would create a healthy dessert recipe using Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! We are big Greek yogurt fans and often I will adapt baking recipes to use Plain Greek Yogurt. Throwing healthy and dessert into the same sentence is always a challenge.

Healthy Dessert Ideas: Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe




What type of yogurt should I use for frozen bark? 

Any yogurt will work, but we prefer lower fat, lower sugar varieties.  Be sure to mix any fruit on the bottom ones, but I would stay away from those too.

Now for the Healthy Dessert, I have been promising you and how I made Greek Yogurt Bark. 

Toppings For Frozen Yogurt Bark 

This is post is really just a method to make Greek Yogurt Bark and you can obviously change it up to your flavor preferences. Along with the Yoplait Greek 100 Whips!

I picked up some trail mix, fresh strawberries, chocolate-covered cherries and mini chocolate chips to create the toppings to this healthy dessert recipe. 



Spread out the yogurt onto a baking sheet with some parchment paper. Don’t worry if it has bumps, that makes it more homemade-looking.


Healthy Dessert Ideas: Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe


How long should I freeze my Yogurt for bark?

Top it with anything you think your kids will be excited about. Freeze for at least 1 hour.




 Can I store my Yogurt Bark after its solid?

Break it up and serve it immediately. I stored any extra in a freezer bag.

Here are 2 other dessert combinations I made when I found 2 other flavors. 

Healthy Dessert Ideas: Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe


What are some of your favorite Healthy Dessert Idea?

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