Healthy Halloween Foods for Parties

Halloween is filled with sweet treats. Chocolate just abounds from our kitchen as anything chocolate covered can turn into a ghost or a pumpkin. However, I like to provide our guests with some healthy Halloween Food as well.

Not everything has to be full of sugar to look like an Iconic Halloween character. I hope you get some inspiration for this round up of Healthy Halloween Foods for Parties I found from Pinterest and cant wait to hear which one looks the best to you.

Healthy Halloween Foods for Parties

Healthy Halloween Foods for Parties

Most schools these days, don’t want to fill their kids with sugary foods at a in school party. Unless they are headed right for the buses afterward.

Surprise your teachers with these fun Healthy Halloween Foods for Parties that won’t disappoint kids looking for sugary party food. 


Halloween Spider Deviled Eggs

healthy halloween foods for parties


Homemade Halloween Chips

Halloween chips

Look at how cute these  Pretzel & Cheese Broom Sticks are. 

Pretzel & Cheese Broom Sticks

Fill your kids lunchboxes with these Cute Halloween Foods like these   Monster sandwiches.

  healthy snacks for halloween parties
What will your kids think of this Fruit Spooky Spider Snack  ?
Spider fruit snack
Maybe a more Spooky Spider Snack
Spooky Halloween foods
Make these Mummy Drink Boxes for a Halloween Party instead of sugar soda. 
drinks for halloween parties
Kids will have a laugh over these Edible bandaids
Healthy Halloween Foods for Parties
This  Halloween Veggie Platter     will surely spook your Halloween Guests. 
healthy halloween foods for parties

Other snacks for halloween party from our blog





Short Cut Halloween Finger Food: Chicken Sliders Recipe

Halloween Finger Food (Chicken Sliders Recipe)

Which Healthy Halloween Foods for  will you make this year?

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  1. Regardless of the fact that treats are available year round, I love creating some of my own. Thank you for for sharing these 15 funky treats, perfect for Halloween.

  2. Halloween used to be a time for treats. Since they are available year round it’s not so special. These food ideas sound delicious.

  3. I love the spidery deviled eggs. Not sure I could do the band aid crackers, though.

  4. How fun! I am saving this! I love Halloween time!!

  5. A Halloween veggie tray would be a hit in my house. I never thought to offer healthy treats for Halloween, but they too can be delicious.

  6. Our Halloween treats have changed significantly since we learned that our son is allergic to chocolate 🙁 They are healthier out of necessity. On another note, I can’t imagine eating those bandaid treats … Haha!

  7. Wow all of these are just adorable and sooo cute! I think I would like to try the Band-Aids and the spider deviled eggs!

  8. I’ll b