Holiday Buddy Biscuits Coupon Code and Review

The Smell of Gingerbread is a highlight of the Holiday Season. Do you enjoy the sweet smells at your house? Does you dog drool while you are baking your gingerbread treats? Now you can treat your dog with the same holiday flavors their “people” enjoy and better yet at a fraction of the regular price. Today Close to Home and Chloe is offering Holiday Buddy Biscuits coupon code.Cloud Star is pleased to announce our seasonal Gingerbread flavored Holiday Buddy Biscuits! These are quite possibly the best smelling dog treats of all time. Really, they smell like actual gingerbread! And, as always, they are made in the USA with simple and all natural ingredients that you can actually understand. You HAVE to try them. Leave it to Cloud Star to turn their already adorable buddy biscuits into holiday themed treats. First of all the holiday packaging is adorable and gets you in the mood for the holidays. Then you think of little gingerbread men and they pair so cutely with the buddy biscuit shapes. The smell right out of the bag was apealling to me. That does not always happen with dog treats. buddy biscuits You can see Chloe’s drool as she waited for me to snap the photo. Be sure to pick up treats for the new year too with this great Pet Deal and Coupon code.

Now for the Pre Black Friday Dog Deal: You have ONLY 4 days from today, Nov 21st  2013 to use this Cloud coupon code  for 50% off exclusive to Close to Home Readers (ENDS NOV 25th)


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  1. I use the soft version of these treats for training, Shiloh loves them. I don’t often give biscuit treats (he gets so many for training, and I prefer to use soft treats as they’re easier to break into small pieces and often more high value) but these Buddy Biscuits have proven great for sticking in a Kong. The shape makes it difficult to get back out, perfect for keeping my high-energy dog busy!

  2. I love that there are new holiday treats for doggies! We do a pet gift exchange with friends, and the gingerbread Holiday Buddy Biscuits would be perfect! Such cute treats and packaging too. Thanks so much for the review and coupon!