Holiday Gift Guide OcuFresh–Tired or Dried out Eyes this season


If crafting gets out of hand this Holiday season, or when kids may already have tired eyes and parents are bleary eyed from late nights wrapping gifts we have a great solution for busy Moms: OcuFresh soothing eyewash from Optics Lab. I recieved a tote filled with refreshing eye care products for the whole family  ($50 value). This was well received as I already have a problem with tried out eyes.

Almost everyone has experienced the pain or irritating discomfort of getting something in their eyes. Whether allergy related such as dust or ragweed, or some other foreign substance gets in you eyes, the itching, burning, or pain that follows can be unbearable. How many of us just wait and hope it will get better? Others may just grab whatever eye-drops they have on hand. It is important also to find the right product that is preservative free so it wont further hurt your eyes. My family is very familiar with this as my eye gets scratched often in weird ways…..don’t ask!


About OcuFresh: 
Created by Optics Laboratory, the OcuFresh Preservative Free Eye Wash is safe for the whole family and can be safely used as often as needed. Whether used as an urgent care situations for a quick, safe solution, or regularly to remove pollutants before they become a possible source of irritation, the OcuFresh is gentle enough for all eye sensitivity levels.
Coming in single-dose vials, the OcuFresh helps prevent transferring bacteria from bottle to eye and can easily be taken with you anywhere. Which is especially helpful with kids when going to the beach, the park, swimming or camping. After all, if you need to quickly flush dirt, sand or chlorine out of your child’s eyes, you can have a vial handy.

As I mentioned earlier, I received a tote bag filled with really great Optics Laboratory products, and was excited to see how the OcuFresh worked. The OcuFresh comes with a sterile eye cup and six sterile single-use bottles, and was easy to use. You can wash your eyes with or without the eye cup in minutes.
I have used the single-use bottles of drops nightly as they help from my eyes drying out at night. A neighbor was given the contact solution as we do not have any in our house.
When someone gets dust or something in their eye you don’t have to worry about having a fresh bottle around, as the single use solves that problem.

To learn more about OcuFresh visit You can also stay connected with OcuFresh on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

Where to Buy:
OcuFresh is sold at many retailers, click HERE to find one near you.


 I will be giving the same gift bag in my beauty gifts prize pack later this month.

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  1. I hate dry eyes but I don’t know if I could use an eye wash or not!

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