2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to Close to Home’s 2012 Holiday Gift guide. We are featuring great gift ideas to help make this holiday season an easier one. Most of these products have been tested and reviewed by our team so you will be able to read our feedback.

Sit back with a cup of coffee or wine depending on the time of day,  get your gift list ready and go shopping. Hope you find this gift guide helpful! **Also we have several giveaways of these products going on so be sure and check the bottom of this list for direct URL’s to the Giveaway Posts. The Giveaways end early enough so they can be shipped out for the Holidays. 
Good Luck.

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Ripley’s Believe it or Not.
  2. EMarieCreations Polymer Clay Creations–Earrings, Ornaments WIN IT
  3. WondaWedge/BookWedge
  4. Books By Daris Howard  WIN IT
  5. AudioFly Earbuds
  6. Fashion Angels Kits
  7. Hoo Hoo Bear, Books and Plush Bear
  8. Dazzle Dry Nail Polish**
  9. World Vision Gifts
  10. CuddleUppets
  11. Headline Shirts   WIN IT
  12. TopTrenz Gift Items   WIN IT
  13. Crafty Bands Charm Bracelet


  1. Mrs Renfro’s Salsas  WIN IT  BUY IT
  2. Entertain like a Gentleman
  4. Hungry Globetrotter Subscription Box WIN IT
  5. Ashers Chocolate  WIN IT
  6. Eat Smart Food Scale**  Win IT
  7. SendThemCookies.com
  8. Kitchen 101
  9. Lemons and Lavender–Eco Guide for Housekeeping
  10. PopSations Flavored Popcorn
  11. The Lazy Gourmet**WIN IT
  12. The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook
  13. WINE LOVERS Check out The Tasting Room
  14. Soda Sparkle

  1. Entertain like a Gentleman
  2. Nerf Fire Vision Products
  3. AudioFly Earbuds
  4. WondaWedge/BookWedge
  5. Mad Men Cookbook
  6. Headline Shirts   WIN IT

  1. Naturally Me Products**  WIN IT
  2. Ocu Fresh Artificial Tears**  WIN IT
  3. AudioFly Earbuds
  4. WondaWedge/BookWedge
  5. EMarieCreations Polymer Clay Creations–Earrings, Ornaments  WIN IT
  6. FitMom**  WIN IT
  7. Beauty Products
  8.         Judith August Wondercare**  Win It
  9.          Dazzle Dry Nail Mani/ Pedi kit** Win IT
  10. Forever Girlfriends Book**  WIN IT
  11. Grace Adele Bags  WIN IT
  12. Dazzling Concepts Gift Items
  13. World Vision Gifts
  14. Mommy’s Time Out Wines
  15. Use Your Words, I Writing Guide for Mothers
  16. JellyBean Rugs from Madison at Main **  WIN IT
  17. Headline Shirts   WIN IT


2012 Holiday Gift Guide

  1. BarkBox Supscription Boxes
  2. Pawalla Subscription Boxes (dogs and cats) WIN IT
  3. Dog ID’s products
  4. MuttMopps
  5. Petmate Portion Right Feeder