Hungry Globetrotter–Foodie Subscription Box Review

Our family is not afraid to try new recipes or foods, even the kids have a wide food pallet to include escargot, something I wont eat, calamari and sushi. Let me remind you my kids are ages 6,9 and 11. 
When I was introduced to The Hungry Globetrotter the whole family was excited, well until the kids heard we are getting South Indian Foods to try. Ironically my husband was just talking about trying and Indian Restaurant in our area but we never got there. 
This is what came in our Hungry Globetrotter Subscription Box 

You might be asking what is the Hungry Globetrotter? Hungry Globetrotter is an online gourmet club that is developing international meals, which busy professionals and families can make at home. We choose an ever-changing mix of products and flavors, selected from best emerging and renowned brands in international cuisine. We help members of our World Dinner Club cook meals at home that are more exciting, less time consuming and away from your regular routine.

At first I was a little intimidated about preparing a full Indian meal, something I have never tried before. NO worries, they totally prepare you for the meal for 4 you will be making. All you need to do is buy the fresh ingredients like meats and veggies. Check out The Hungry Globetrotter for more specific FAQ.
This could not be easier and you don’t have to be a gourmet cook to get through the directions. The Hungry Globetrotter goes as far as giving you specific cooking instructions to complete the whole meal step by step as well as a shopping list. You don’t even have to guess what you should do next. Perfect gift for the person who loves to cook and even travel.
Pretty Impressed with my Garam Masala Rice and Vegetable dish. Love the flavorings and good thing I have plenty of spice left to make this again.
I so wish I had more of this Madras Curry cooking sauce. Such a quick meal and so flavorful. It was a hit for the whole family. Good think is I can go on their website and buy more Hungry Globetrotter South Asian Flavors!

Thanks to the great folks at the Hungry Globetrotter are giving one of my readers one of these subscription boxes. Can’t wait or want to start on your gift list today, you can sign up for a subscription boxor $34.95 a month. Right now they are offering the first month for %50.


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