Holiday Hacks and Mozzarella Sticks Wreath

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The last couple of weeks I have been sharing a lot of holiday entertaining tips. Most of these have been for tips on how to entertain and not feel overwhelmed. Through out the year I also share a lot of recipes that are semi-homemade which gives you the appeal of a homemade dish with the convenience of something store bought. There is nothing wrong with this approach especially if you are entertaining and you want to actually enjoy your guests. For an upcoming party for my daughter’s class, I decided to play around with some frozen snacks, the Farm Rich Mozzarella sticks and create a festive platter.

   holiday hacks
Most kids love Mozzarella sticks and it is a great snack to fight off all the cookies and candy available around holiday time. Farm Rich Snacks are easy and convenient, made with 100% real cheese, are good sources of protein and calcium and have 0 trans fats!Instead of just putting them on a platter, I decided I would create a wreath with the Farm Rich Mozzarella sticks for a fun twist.

It could not be simpler than baking the sticks per the directions, I baked them but I know they would be amazing in a deep fryer. Then arrange them on a platter, I wish I had a bigger one on hand. I used 2 shot glasses and filled them with marinara sauce to resemble part of the bow.

holiday hacks

For the rest of the bow, I had some roasted red peppers on hand and just strewn them on top. If you want to do a little more, add some greenery like parsley or olives on the wreath as well.

holiday hacks


    Be sure to serve warm as they are best that way, although most kids don’t care when it comes to quick snacks. Don’t think this little guy minds!

holiday hacks


For more kids holiday snack ideas be sure and check out this post from last year. Not sure where to get Farm Rich Product? Be sure to check out the Farm Rich Product Finder for the closest store near you. Before you head out grab this great coupon to save money on your holiday menu. My readers will get a get $1.50 off 2 Farm Rich snacks coupon by visiting the coupon here.  So don’t be exhausted when you entertain, buy a fair amount of pre made foods and just display them in festive ways. No one is going to care they are not going to remember the store bought cheese sticks but will remember the fun wreath display. 

What are some of your favorite entertaining Hacks? Find more on Farm Rich  

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  1. Those would make great snacks for my grandsons! Yum!