Home Fall Decorating Ideas: Be Inspired by Nature

With the cooler weather sneaking in, I have decided to have a series of posts in the next weeks of Fall Decorating Ideas to get you ready to spend more time in the house.

We all need a little inspiration to change things up once in a while and decorating can be easy and inexpensive if you just change a few things. Guest Post: Home Fall Decorating Ideas: Be Inspired by Nature 


There is something so bewitching about autumn, be it the anticipation of crackling fireworks or the excitement of Christmas yet to come. Early mornings views of rolling fog on the hilltops, leaves peppering the streets.

There is an array of striking colors, as the leaves fall so the trees can preserve themselves for a stark winter. So why not take inspiration from your favorite things about this season and weave them into your home – the warmth and cozy feeling that autumn conjures up is adaptable to each season. . 

Home Fall Decorating Ideas: Be Inspired by Nature

Cozy-up on the Couch

It’s time to pull out some thick, cozy blankets to keep you snug when you are relaxing on the sofa. Tartan and patchwork blend give a good autumnal feel. If you don’t want to break the bank by purchasing a new couch, get some beautiful cushions to brighten up the feel of the room.

A spicy cinnamon or fall candle arrangement can add a delicious scent that envelops you with warmth when you enter the room.

Sleep Soundly in Your Soothing Bedroom

Choose an earthy brown or warm yellow for the color of your bedroom. Think about stenciling some pretty designs on to the walls. Draw inspiration from shapes synonymous with this season – acorns, leaves, and gothic patterns. You can even use leaves as templates to gather that authentic feel.

You could sand down exposed floorboards for a rustic look. Add a chunky rug to help maintain the heat, or a vintage rug would be even better to match the rustic style of those exposed floorboards. Then an iron bed would complete this room, with plaid curtains, a mohair throw-over and brocade cushions to add the finishing touches.

Add a Magical Touch to Your Outdoor Space

Show your garden and porch area some attention too. Get the kids involved with carving pumpkins to make gorgeous lanterns. Think about incorporating some beautiful garden furniture. 

Perhaps a swing-seat or wooden bench for that homely feel. Being outside allows you to immerse yourself in the smell of the pines and to appreciate the luxurious colors of the season.

fall decor

If you and your kids are feeling extra creative, spend the afternoon making colored dream-catchers and mobiles to hang in the porch or from a tree in the garden. Collect garden leaves, twigs and rocks. Add some wind-charms to create a mystical atmosphere.

Make some of these fall wreaths to display on your front door. 



Make your Kitchen Warm and Inviting

With the gorgeous smell of pumpkin pie baking in the oven, your kitchen will seem instantly more inviting. Use wicker baskets to display harvest fruit and vegetables.

The vivid colors will liven up your table and go on to make a tasty leek and potato soup or apple pie. For more Fall Centerpiece Ideas Check out this post from Close to Home.


Ask your little ones to find as many autumn treats as they can and then recycle jars by filling them with acorns. String acorns and hang from the ceiling and fill a glass bowl with pinecones and mini-pumpkins or squashes.

How do you like to changes things up when it comes to Fall Decorating Ideas? 

This post was written by Vickie Bailey who is a keen home decorator and loves to blog on great home DIY and design ideas. ‘

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