Homemade Father’s Day Gifts


As I went into Michael’s store yesterday I was quickly reminded that it was Father’s day in only a week. Although my husband said he wanted a new watch battery and another item I like to have the kids create something. Looking around for the items I had gone for, we came upon the $1 wooden frames. Wow, quick and easy and I will have the kids decorate the frames, we had done it before with sea shells for Nana’s Beach house. Each child can express themselves. So get to the craft store and for a few dollars you have this amazing handmade fathers day gift.

Of course I could not leave it at that. Wondering if my husband had space at work to place 3 – 4×6 frames on his desk I thought about making a 3 tier hanging frame. Easier than you think and I had everything at home.
Items you need:
1) wooden frames (you can do one per child or one per child and then one group shot)

2) The little hangers out of the picture hanging kits you buy. I seem to have a dozen or so around that I never use. Make sure the circles are not sodded together and you can use a wire plier to pull apart easily.
3)Ribbon-if no hangers you can use to hang frames together as well as for the top to use as the frame hanger.
4) Arcrylic paints and brushes. Any other adornments you children would like to add buttons, stickers pasta. My little guy wanted to glue dried beans on!
5) Cute Photos of the kids…I had each kid hold up a sign to say “We” “love” Dad”. With Snapfish and other photo sites out there you can get photos in just a few hrs or simply print them at home.
6) Patience! Allowing the child to express themselves on something that I would otherwise want to look presentable takes one to just step back and watch.


Before painting the frames you need to place the hangers on the frame sides that will be connected. (if using 3 frames the middle frame will need them on both sides)
I measured 2 inches from each side that needed a hanger. (you need to be precise you will have a crooked frame or one that wont fit together) 

The wood is very soft so you can just screw them right in. I also opened up only half of the hangers so I could easily put them together later. (If you will be using ribbon wait until they are painted and dried.

Allow the kids to paint their hearts out. You can recycle old egg cartons-plastic and styrofoam- as paint cups. They are the perfect size for the amount of paint they need. Just be sure to wash them out well before using. Once they are dried you can add a Varnish Coat if you have it.
Once they are dried, add the photos. These are obviously very inexpensive with no glass or even plastic coverings. You can purchase more expensive ones or just leave as is. I kept the card board inserts and taped the pictures to that and then placed them in. It seemed to give the picture a little more support.

Then connect the frames together and close the opened hangers.
To connect by ribbon, cut out a ribbon  long enough to follow the length of the frames evenly spaced and the hanger length. Using a staple gun attach the ribbon to the frames. 

To make a ribbon hanger, decide how long you want the ribbon to be on top, double that and add another 2 inches. Angle the ribbon to make an upside down V on top and staple onto the frame. I allow for a little over hang that you can glue back over the staples to protect the wall.
This gift would be great also for grandparents, mothers and cousins. Have fun making it.
Would your kids get excited about making these?

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