Homemade Orange Soda and Benefits of Drinking 100% Florida Orange Juice

This is a sponsored post about homemade orange soda recipe is written by me on behalf of Florida Department of Citrus . All opinions are 100% mine.

I love that my kids are not finicky eaters and will consume fruits and veggies without must persuasion. However, as they get older they are more interested in drinking soda and I have decided to make my own Orange “soda” using Florida Fresh Orange Juice  and seltzer water. It has the bubbles of a soda but the benefits of benefits of drinking 100% Florida Orange Juice.


The homemade orange soda recipe could not be simpler. Simply freeze  100% Florida Orange Juice in ice cube containers and freeze. frozen-orange-juice

Add several to a glass and add seltzer water. The ice cubes will melt and flavor the drink providing all the benefits and non of the added sugar. 


If your kids are not sold on  100% Florida Orange Juice as an alternative maybe Captian Citrus can help. Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) is introducing a new hero to America! Captain Citrus helps convey the values of the Florida Citrus industry while encouraging kids to make smarter decisions concerning nutrition. Captain Citrus helps empower kids to eat healthy and reinforces the importance of 100% Florida Orange Juice as part of a healthy and yummy diet! Captain Citrus joins Marvel’s popular Avengers Assemble characters to defeat the villain, while focusing on making smart food choices along the way!  

Captain Citrus continues to spread the “Amazing 5” benefits of drinking 100% Florida Orange Juice through his comic and online activities: Taste, Vitamin C, Potassium, Folate and No Added Sugar. The Captain Citrus website offers two digital comic books, downloadable activity sheets, coloring sheets, crossword puzzles and much more!

Captain Citrus Chapter 3-2


My son was thrilled I gave him screen time to read about Captain Citrus. He gets computer time and a little nutrition recipe too. 


Get your kids involved and check out the Captain Citrus Facebook page, where parents can win an amazing prize package for their child! The prize package includes your child’s likeness and voice over used in (1) episode of Avengers Assemble on Disney XD, a trip to LA with round-trip transportation for four, 3 days/ 2 night hotel stay, tour of Marvel Studios, a $250 gift card and much more! What are you waiting for. 

We will not be able to oversee what our children will be eating and drinking forever. Be sure and instill in them at a young age the benefits of proper nutrition so they can make good choices when you are not there. 

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  1. My family loves Orange Juice. I really like the ice cube idea. Thanks.

  2. I love drinking orange juice, it never occurred to me to make a nice soda recipe like this, I’m excited to try it!

  3. This Homemade Orange Soda looks amazing, and we drink orange juice all the time. I would love to make this drink for my son and daughter. Looks refreshing for a Summer drink.

  4. This is such a great idea! I am going to have to try this out on my son and see if he likes it.

  5. Ha! I love this. I love flavored ice. Orange can be a bit overwhelming full strength on a hot day too, but this way is nice.