Hot Cocoa Portable Bar–Perfect for the Holiday Season or Great Gift

Wouldn’t you love to come home to this on your doorstep or better yet have it out on your counter all season long for a quick, easy and portable Cocoa Bar?

When the kids were little I used the Wood Clementine crates for fine motor skills activity. You know stick straws, un-sharpened pencils etc into the holes. Now that my kids are older they usually just go into the trash. I found this one laying around the house holding some dog toys. Too useful for that. A little ribbon and you have the perfect gift idea for neighbors, friends, teachers or grandparents.

Using this sized crate, I used 2 1/2 inch ribbon and hot glued it along the crate. Used a contrasting ribbon, because I had some, and created a box and hot glued it onto the ribbon. Easy enough right?


Now what to fill it with. Really the crate makes a great starter to any gift theme. We have all these lovely Torani Syrups that I wanted them out to share with friends and family all season long.
Ideas to fill for the Portable Cocoa Bar:
  • Cocoa–Homemade or purchased. You can add a bunch DIY Cocoa Cones as the gift.
  • Marshallows-fill a mason jar and add a piece of fabric for decoration
  • Candy Canes or chocolate covered spoons
  • Mugs or disposable hot/cold cups
  • Flavorings for the coffees/ hot cocoas (we love Torani syrups)
  • Extras like chocolate chips, crushed up peppermint, teas and coffees.


Here is one that is packed and off as a gift. Added chocolate covered candy canes and spoons.


We plan on keeping this one out all year by the coffee maker so I can add some yummy goodness to my coffee each morning. Anything helps! What would you add to your hot cocoa bar?

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  1. This has become a very popular repin.

  2. Love this basket idea the only thing I would add would be my kids. lol

  3. Great idea!! The basket looks like it will travel well!!

  4. Yum, great idea! I’d add whipped cream and a chocolate spoon to mine!

  5. Such a great idea! My daughter loves to add the holiday flavored creamers to her hot chocolate so if I were making a basket for her, I’d definitely add some of those!

  6. Your are so crafty- I wouldn’t have thought of that!! Very creative!

  7. Yummy and pinned.

  8. That is too smart! I have a box of clementines just waiting for this project. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love this! I think we might just have to make one. I would have to add the little marshmallows. We buy the colored ones in bulk and my kids love them.

  10. I love your creative use of that crate! Very crafty.
    We also love Torani syrups in our Hot cocoa. Makes a normal cup of yum into a Gourmet Cup of “Oh my stars I just went to heaven!” lol.

  11. I pinned – super cute gift idea!

  12. What a fantastic idea! I would love this! I think you added everything to it for wonderfulness!!!

  13. This is a really cute gift idea – Especially for people like me who are “craft-challenged!”

  14. You just gave me an awesome gift idea! I’m not too crafty but this gave me some ideas 🙂 Thanks so much!

  15. Love the idea of a portable cocoa bar. You never know where holiday visit will take you!