How to Host a Social Distanced Cookie Exchange

 I have been hosting a cookie exchange for 18 years and the thought of canceling this year is weighing heavy on my heart.  While I will keep my eye on the numbers of infections in my area before making my final go no go call I thought I would share some way to still hold a cookie exchange in 2020 with social distance games



If the temperatures are mild in December host an outdoor cookie exchange. 

Open up your garage, light your fire pit and serve warm drinks. 

cookies in a bag

Have guests pre-wrap the cookies for the swap.  No need for everyone to walk around the table breathing on cookies.  Let the guests know the proper number to wrap up and go from there. 


Actually, whether or not it is safe to host a cookie exchange depends a lot on the current metrics of community spread in your local area. If community spread and rate of infection is very, very low, I’d still recommend keeping groups small and only inviting those who you know have been compliant with recommendations from health officials when it comes to face masks, physical distancing, and avoiding large public gatherings. 

For your cookie exchange party, space out seating, encourage everyone to wear a face mask when they’re not eating, and keep the invite list as small as possible. If the weather allows, open some windows to improve ventilation. And definitely ask anyone who isn’t feeling well to please stay home.

Host a Virtual Cookie Exchange. 

We always have contests for the cookies.  This year, if guests want to participate in Best cookie exchange display, have them create the display at home and then take a photo where your guests can vote online. 

You can still judge cookies on most festive etc if they are packaged just have a few people go to the table to judge at a time. 


Have a scavenger hunt via zoom and have your guests locate items and the first one who makes it back to the computer wins the point. 

Socially Distanced Holiday Games

We have come up with some amazing holiday games in the past.  Some can be done 6 feet apart while others cant.  Check out the holiday games we have done and decide for yourself.

Christmas Party Games for Adults and Kids Holiday Party games for kids Adult Holiday Party Games

Play games such as 2 truths and a lie.  Have your guests send you their replies ahead of the party and have them printed so you can read them out loud and people can guess who you are talking about. 


Have your guests drop off their platters of cookies the day or a few hours before the party.  You can assign pick up times for your guests to come by and get their cookies or just let them know they can come by between a 1 hour time frame. 

Guests can socially distance and say hello while still getting to get a variety of cookies to share with their family. 

50 cookie exchange recipeshosting-cookie-exchange-in-covid

Check out our. favorite Cookie Exchange Cookie Recipes for ideas to make this year.  Don’t forget to hand out party favors this year too. 

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