15 Christmas Party Games for Adults and Kids

15 Christmas Party Games for Adults and Kids

In my opinion, no Christmas party is complete without Christmas Games. I think most of us dread having that bridal or wedding shower that the hostess would bring out the games.

Well, Christmas parties are a great time to bring those games out again and break up the eating and chatting. I am not saying I am not social, but you can actually learn a lot about someone by watching them play a game.

Here are some great tried and true Holiday Party Games to play at any holiday party. We love to play games for our annual Christmas Party: Cookie Exchange.

All of these Holiday games have been done there with much success. People have to get out of their safety net when you bring out the holiday party games. Have fun!

holiday party games

Christmas Party Games and Party Favors for Adults and Kids

I really love the websites Party Game Ideas and Party Game Central     This website is filled with great holiday games to bring to your child’s classroom as well.

Not sure the guests will be excited about playing games? One way to get people excited about doing games is having prizes no matter how expensive.

Cocktail napkins, notepads or hot cocoa cones are always an easy choice for adults, find ones that are humorous. Candy works great for kids. Get all the supplies and prizes needed at Amazon with Free Amazon Prime for 30 Days

I thought I would share some tried and true Christmas party games.

Christmas Carol Pictionary: 

  • Break your group into teams. Provide each team with a pad of paper and a pen or pencil.
  • Each person will take turns picking a carol from the hostess.
  • All the teams will have the same carol and the first to guess and shout out in song will win a point. You can play as many rounds as you wish.

To make it easier, download this free party game printable for Carol Pictionary Christmas Game


15 Christmas Party Games for Adults and Kids Christmas Pictionary


What is inside the box game?

One that I love and it can easily be adapted for any crowd.

  • Wrap a jewelry size gift box filled with small items around the house.It is amazing how much you can fit inside a small box by just looking inside your junk drawer.
  • The guests then have to guess what is in there and the one who gets the most win.

Minute to win it Gingerbread Cookie Game: 

  • Each person gets a small gingerbread cookie.
  • Have them place it on their forehead.
  • Without using their hands, the first one to get it in there mouth wins.


Christmas Party Games for Adults and Kids Holiday Party games for kids Adult Holiday Party Games

What’s on the tray holiday game? 

  • Place several items on a small tray.
  • Allow guests to look at the tray for about 1 minute.
  • Cover the tray.
  • Give each player a sheet of paper. Give them 3 minutes to write as many items they remember on the tray.

Three Armed Gift Wrapping Game

  • Break into pairs.
  • Tie one arm together as they stand side by side.
  • Provide each team with a bag of wrapping supplies. A box, scissors, tape, wrapping paper, ribbon, and a gift tag.
  • The first to wrap wins. We also gave a prize to the best looking box.

gift wrapping game

Drawing a holiday scene on your head with a plate Game.  

Download the directions or make up your own and watch your guests young and old laugh. This is a great mixed ages group game as well.


Either do this individually are in pairs.

  • Have the guests write the letters A-Z on a piece of paper.
  • Give them 5 minutes to come up with holiday words that start with each letter.
  • After the buzzer, each guest would get a point for each unique word. The person with the most unique word wins.

Guess what is in your purse game 

This is a holiday game for adults is both humorous and revealing.

  • Make a list of things people might have in their purse both common and uncommon, Kleenex, recipes, gum etc.
  • The one with the most items you requested, wins. This could be adapted to older children with backpacks.

Your guests might come back the next year with a loaded purse just to be ready!! Trust me I was told they were disappointed when we did not play the game the following year!!


holiday party games

Tear a tree behind your back holiday Game

New to me this year and a good one. Basically, you give each party guest a piece of paper and ask them to rip a Christmas tree behind their back. Once again any age would be funny to watch. Check out these adults and what they created.

Make A Reindeer Game  

Your guests will not stop laughing at this fun holiday party game idea.  

  • Have teams of two fill each pantyhose leg with 4 or 5 balloons.  
  • The first team to do this, place it on their head and sing Jingle Bells wins.
holiday party games

 More Christmas Games

Wrap a reindeer!  

Break your guests into teams and give them all the same supplies to create a reindeer out of one of their teammates. Give the teams 5 minutes and then judge the best reindeer.

Supplies for the Reindeer Game: 

wrap a reindeer christmas party games


Holiday Party Ice Breaker Game!

If your party is a mix of people that don’t know each other very well be sure and download our Christmas people bingo game

Holiday People Bingo

Balloon Glove Pop Game: 

  • Give each guest a balloon and ask them to blow it up and tie it. Then pass it to the person to their left.
  • Divide your guests into even teams. Give each team a pair of gloves or oven mitts.
  • Each person on the team must pop the balloon with only the gloves. I told them it had to be above the waist.
  • The first team to finish wins.

Also, these sites I mentioned above have downloadable quizzes such as guess the Christmas carol game, holiday movie trivia games. These holiday party games make your brain work pretty hard!

Christmas Party Favors 

Sad to say but we all know kids love party favors at birthday parties. I think adults love a little something as they leave the party too! Find inexpensive items in the dollar section of Michael’s or make something yourself for a fun party favor.

The fudge cookie cutters are cute, or just fill cookie cutters with m and m’s.
Inexpensive ornaments from www.orientaltrading.com that coincide with your theme. They have a ton of items to choose from.

holiday party games

If hosting a cookie exchange how about a recipe book with all the cookies that your guests contributed that year.

Don’t miss these Sprinkle Ornament Party Favors. 

Cookie Exchange Party Favor Ideas


Even if the party favor item was inexpensive it is the thought that counts. Simply add a ribbon or a cellophane bag and it spruces even the most inexpensive item up!  Like these easy to make Cupcake Ornaments. 

Hot Cocoa on a Stick was a big hit too. For a fraction of the price of what you could buy these at a store. We are offering a free printable for the packaging as well.

Hot Cocoa Cubes, Hot Cocoa on a Stick Holiday party favors


Do you have some favorite Adult or Child Christmas Party Games you want to share?


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