New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for Kids

We have updated this New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for Kids post from 2015.

Even though the kids are getting older, I am still not willing to let them stay up until Midnight On New Years Eve because they tend to still wake up super early the next morning anyway. It is like a sleepover, the parents are punished the next day with tired kids.

So if you are planning a family new Years Eve Party for kids why not have it a little earlier and celebrate at “midnight” at 8 or 9 pm instead. I thought I would share some fun & special New Year Eve Party Ideas for Kids.



NEW YEARS eve party for kids Ideas  


What to Serve at a Kid Friendly New Years Eve Party

First things first you better have some kid-friendly food, or no matter what kind of party theme you set up, you will have grumpy hungry kids.

Kids love hotdogs but why not make them a little fancier and make your own Pigs in  A Blanket using Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. They could not be simpler, you can find the recipe here.

pigs in blanket1

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for Kids

To set the stage for a fun New Years’ Eve Party theme for the kids. Here are some simple yet fun DIY New Years Eve Party Hats and favors from The 36th Ave Blog.


Newly updated from 2015 check out our fun Kid Friendly New Years Eve Party


KIDS New Years Eve party

Get the kids involved and have them make these adorable Paper Plate Shakers for New Years.




Make cookies and milk dessert toasts special with this fun idea from Sweet Little Peanut.

Have some kid friendly snacks as well. how about a sundae bar, who doesn’t like ice cream?

ice cream bar


How cute are these New Years Eve Confetti cookies. Layered sugar cookies with a fun surprise.


The kids will think they are getting a special treat with these bubbly New Years Kid Friendly Drinks.

Kid friendly New Years Eve drinks




Play Kid Friendly Games for New Years Eve

Even though Christmas is over, your kids will have fun playing many of these Holiday games with their friends on New Years.  You can easily adapt to fit the holidays. 


Christmas Party Games for Adults and Kids Holiday Party games for kids Adult Holiday Party Games


New Years Eve Photo Booth Idea

Have a designated time to have a photo booth at your party. Here is a website that lists some super fun New Years’ Eve Printable Photo Booth Props.

Don’t let the kids get bored, that could make it a disaster for parents. Grab some great New Years Eve Party ideas for kids on this website.





What about an easy Clock Cake for the kids to cut open?


new years eve clock cake


What will you be planning for New Year’s Eve this year? 


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  1. I love the confetti cookies too! What a great idea!

  2. Thanks I think we will try the confetti cookies soon

  3. I love the paper plate shakers and the “confetti” cookies! Thanks so much for all the great tips.