How to Make a Frankenstein Pumpkin Candy Holder

Our neighborhood has a yearly Pizza Party on Halloween.  Kids and parents dressed in their costumes gather in one of our cul-de-sacs anxiously waiting to be released for trick or treating.  The pizza is barely touched, as they anticipate the amount of candy they will gather in their Halloween bags.


On their return, they divide their candy and quickly recount their Halloween Adventure. Trust me, having three kids myself, each house is then also critiqued based on the kind of candy and whether there was something unique about its presentation.

Since my kids are too young to go off on their own, we usually leave a bowl of candy on the front porch hoping no one will just dump its contents into their bag. 



This year, we decided to stock up on the BIG bags of Hershey’s Candy we found at Walmart and create a fun candy holder for trick-or-treaters. Maybe this will discourage those greedy kids from taking the entire pumpkin filled with candy while making our house one for them to discuss when they get home.

It is so hard to decide what type of candy to get each year. Do you worry about peanut allergies when you buy Halloween Candy? 


To make this fun Frankenstein Pumpkin, you will need:

  • big bags of Hershey’s Candy (you know your neighborhood, so buy enough to cover the number of kids that will be lined up to put their hand in Frankenstein)
  • a fake pumpkin
  • green spray paint
  • 2  winecorks
  • 2 2-inch nails
  • black, white and purple Acrylic Paint,




First cut a good-sized mouth leaving at least 2 inches at the bottom of the pumpkin. We used a serrated kitchen knife. Any pumpkin carving kit saw would work as well. 



Then spray paint your pumpkin green. Be sure to do this outside. 




While the pumpkin is drying, paint the corks black.  CHECK THIS OUT FOR MORE FUN FAUX PUMPKIN CRAFTS


When the corks are dry, drive a nail from the inside of the pumpkin to attach the cork to the outside. You may want to mark the spot with a pencil so the “bolts” are spaced properly. 


Then, get creative with the acrylic paint to create your Frankenstein. My 14-year-old and her friend made our Frankenstein friendly, but let your imagination go. 

candy-holder tutorial


To fill your pumpkin, we found it easiest to lay him on his side and dump the big bags of Hershey’s candy into his mouth. 



Now your Halloween candy is ready for all of the ghosts and goblins who will be showing up at your door. 

taking candy


Since we are leaving our candy bowl outside, we made a sign encouraging our trick-or-treaters to show some restraint. 



This would be a fun project to take to a Halloween party at School or a trunk or treat event at your church. Teachers might find this a fun incentive for students!


What is your favorite Candy at Halloween?


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  1. anything in shape of a pumpkin is my dauthaghter’s keepsake, so thanks for this awesome idea.

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