Seven Tips to Sleep Better for Healthier Skin

Seven Tips to Sleep Better for Healthier Skin

Many people underestimate the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. However, the right amount of sleep can make a considerable difference to your quality of life and productivity levels. Seven Tips to Sleep Better for Better Skin

Not getting enough sleep will affect how well you function during the day, but it can also have more serious long term effects on your health, such as depression and anxiety. This post contains affiliate links. Are You Sleep Deprived? 

This is why we all need to do as much as we can to ensure we are enjoying quality sleep that will set us up for the day.


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During sleep, there are several stages that occur that help our body repair and rest from the day’s activities. The first two NREM1 & 2 stages are light sleep, which then progresses into a deeper sleep called NREM3.

From there you should go into REM (rapid eye movement), which is when we begin to dream. Typically, each complete cycle lasts approximately 90 minutes, and good night’s sleep should be made up of five to six cycles a night, to allow you to feel more rested.

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7 Tips to Sleep Better for Better Skin

If you’re suffering from a poor night’s sleep, follow our six simple steps so you can learn how to sleep better. 

Sleep affects a lot of different things including the health of your skin. Did you know that your skin’s natal renewal process occurs at night while you are sleeping?

Guess that is where “BEAUTY SLEEP” comes from. If you are not getting enough rest, your skin can become more sensitive and irritated. My skin is already becoming more sensitive as I age, so I better get all the beauty sleep I can.

Here are some tips for preparing your skin and your body to sleep better.


1. Never fall asleep without washing your face first.  

Using a gentle cleanser is so important to take away the toxins from the day. I find it easiest to use AVEENO Makeup wipes on my most tired day. I also travel with them as you don’t have to worry about flying with liquids. (totally guilty of this)

2. Moisturize at night.

I used to just put on a daily moisturizer with SPF. It is important to calm down those cells with a night cream like AVEENO Ultra-Calming Nourishing night cream   It can reduce the appearance of red dry skin in two weeks of use. 


3. Sleep Well and Enough.  

As busy parents, it is hard to get enough sleep. It is still recommended to get 7-8 hours a day of quality sleep. Drink some camomile tea, light some candles, put away the technology at least 30 minutes before bed.

4.  Remove Distractions 

It is important to create a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom and leave your lists somewhere else. In order to sleep soundly you need to create the right environment, so start by looking at your bedroom and make a few simple changes such as making your room as dark as possible with blackout blinds or curtains or maybe even use an eye mask to keep the light out.

Turn off appliances with LED lights and avoid having a television or computer in your bedroom as these can serve as a distraction to sleep by keeping the brain stimulated. Declutter your room and keep it tidy, as you will automatically feel less anxious and more relaxed in a tidy bedroom, allowing you to focus on sleeping.

5. Keep It Cool  

Sleeping can be impeded if your room is too hot or cold, so keep your room slightly cooler, between 16 and 18°C should help you to sleep better.

If you live in a quiet area, opening a window for a light breeze can help too. You may also want to consider the décor in your room, using cool, light and neutral colors will create a more serene and relaxed environment and can be spiced up with bright colored accessories and soft furnishings.


6. The Bed

Make your bed more comfortable. It may seem obvious, but having a comfortable mattress is one of the most important aspects of getting a good night’s sleep and one that so many of us neglect. If you’re struggling to sleep, or suffering from back or joint ache, then you should take a look at what you’re sleeping on.

Buy a mattress that will give your body the support it needs and allow you to sleep in comfort. When you buy mattresses, always choose value and quality over price. A quality supplier will discuss all the options for mattresses that will suit your needs and budget so you can invest in a decent night’s sleep.

7. Diet

Certain foods and drinks can have a significant impact on our ability to sleep as they can overstimulate the brain. Too much caffeine, alcohol, and fatty or sugary foods throughout the day can inhibit a good night’s sleep.

So avoid them where you can, or certainly reduce the amount you consume. Definitely don’t drink coffee, tea or energy drinks in the evening.

By taking a look at your lifestyle, sleeping environment and diet and making a few simple changes, you will certainly notice the difference in how you feel and your ability to achieve quality sleep.

By getting a decent night’s sleep every night, you will feel energized, relaxed and ready to conquer your daily tasks every day as well as have better-looking skin.

Here are some Tips on how to sleep better for better skin.

7 Tips To Sleep Better for healthier Skin

What tips would you add? Do you get enough sleep each night? 

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