How To Stay Hydrated During Warm Weather

How To Stay Hydrated During Warm Weather

This post about how to stay hydrated during warm weather is sponsored by Dasani and Target.
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I promise the weather will be warmer soon and you will take your activities outside. However, with warmer weather we sometimes forget we need to stay hydrated more than when we are doing the sport indoors. I will be the first to admit I get tired of plain water, especially if I am in a 90 minute tennis match. I crave something more, but don’t need any additional sugar. This is when I pull out Dasani Drop Infusions. 


I am sure you have heard of flavoring drops before, so what makes DASANI DROPS® Infusions any different? 

  • Unsweetened, naturally flavored, with no color added and zero calories.
  • Adds a splash of flavor to your water, leaving you refreshed. No artificial colors so still looks like water


  • Two “spa-inspired” flavors, Strawberry Basil and Lime. You can control the amount of flavor you add. 
  • A perfect complement to DASANI water, DASANI DROPS® Infusions makes up to 32 servings per 1.9 fl oz bottle.


They are the perfect size to throw into my Tennis Or Gym Bag and have on hand when I want a little extra flavor to my water. The top seals so no worry about spills or powder. 

Maybe you are more of a fizz type of person. Then be sure to check out the new DASANI® Sparkling Black Cherry:


  • Lightly carbonated, unsweetened, has no artificial flavors and has zero calories.
  • Find it in 12-packs of 12 fl oz cans nationally.

Skip the sugary sodas but still get the fizzy feeling of a carbonated beverage. My kids like to take these to school feeling like they are drinking soda, we don’t allow them to drink soda!

Don’t skip drinking enough water because you get bored. Dasani has the answer and you can go flat or fizzy and get a little extra flavor at the same time.

You can purchase these new DASANI products at their local Target, using Target’s Cartwheel app:  For a limited time, coupons will be available for both DASANI DROPS Infusions and DASANI Sparkling in Black Cherry (within the app).


 SO what are you a fizz or flat sort of person? How do you keep hydrated during the warmer months? 


  1. I do not like fizzy flavored waters, I like to add a touch of flavor and these Dasani drops look great to add to my water to give it a change and keep my hydrated this Summer!

  2. Never tried Dasani drops before. But now I think that I will try to find it.

  3. The Dasani sparkling water looks good. I like that it doesn’t have artificial flavors or dyes 🙂 Sounds like a much better alternative to soda!

  4. I haven’t tried Dasani drops, but I think I would like them. I always have water in every room and I enjoy flavored water! I will have to check this out.

  5. It’s super humid here in the summer, and we do have to drink a lot.
    I’ve never heard of Dasani drops. I wonder if we have them here…..

  6. At home, I usually add a couple of drops of lemon juice, but I love the Dasani drops to keep in my purse for when I am out and about. Unless I am eating something or working out, I don’t like to drink plain water so adding just a little flavor makes it easier to sip all day. Haven’t tried the sparkling water yet. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for it.

  7. I love drinking sparkling water. – it’s healthy with fun. I haven’t tried the Dasani drops, but I think my kids would really like it. I’ll be on the lookout at the store.

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