How to Stop Cat Litter Mess (One Easy Step)


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For the most part, cats are low maintenance and wonderful pets! I have adopted two cats and compared to dogs, they are extremely independent and potty trained to the litter box in no time. Can’t say the same for our other four-legged pets. In less than a day, cats use the litter box without an issue and as pet parents, we just have to  Scoop it out, refill and repeat. Sounds pretty simple to me.


Well, my sweet Lacy uses both the litter box and the outdoors for her potty and she does not have a care if she keeps her space clean, and my husband recently announced he was done sweeping up the garage. How to stop my cat from tracking litter everywhere is the question of the day.   AD #CleanPaws #WalmartFinds

how to stop kitty litter mess With old litter


How to Stop Cat Litter Mess

With our first cat who used litter boxes exclusively did not leave a mess around her box. Lacey sometimes ends up leaving a trail of cat litter all over the garage and if I forget to put shoes on to grab something out of the fridge down there, well you can get the picture.

Since Lacy comes in the house once in a while, I don’t want to find litter scattered around my work area either. How to stop my cat from tracking litter everywhere, you ask?

This is where Fresh Step® Clean Paws™ Multi-Cat Scented Litter with the power of Febreze™ has come to the rescue. It is designed with a special blend of larger particles is designed to stay in the box and stick less to your cat’s fur and paws. Look for it at Walmart

The moment I spread it in our new litter box, which needs to be totally cleaned out every once in a while. I am guilty of not doing this. Fresh Step® Clean Paws™  has increased odor-fighting protection with the power of Febreze™ for multi-cat households. 10-day Odor Control GUARANTEED. Leaves behind a fresh clean scent.

Since this new litter does not create a lot of dust, it is created with your cat’s health and happiness in mind. Less mess, less odor and less dust, I think this is a winner for the pet parent as well.

How to Stop Cat Litter Mess (One Easy Step)


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