How to Throw a Spa Party at Home for Mother’s Day

As busy moms we all need a nice break from our daily grind. Getting everyone to commit to going to a spa for treatments is expensive and you probably would not get much time to talk. Thanks to Aveeno I was able to celebrate my birthday with a few friends and treat them to a spa party at home.

Read further to see how I pulled this off with all the treats provided to me for being an Aveeno Ambassador!

I sent the boys out on a hunt to find some bamboo. Really it was just an excuse to get them out of my hair. By the end of the morning they had brought back a few stripped stalks that I displayed outside to set the spa atmosphere at home. I used smaller pieces of bamboo in vases around the house.

Since there was 10 of us I decided to do something simple I could do in a group. Thought pedicures or even manicures would be tricky. How about homemade facial masks to feel refreshed and pampered. I decided to make 2 varieties of homemade masks to give folks variety, an exfoliant facial mask and homemade facial mask just for normal to dry skin. Strawberry or Avocado? Which one would you pick??

Here is the strawberry mask.

This was good enough to eat!! I served  cranberry spritzers, lime water and iced tea in wine glasses. Some ladies might have been disappointed but it was the middle of the day and we were at a spa afterall! Light snacks of strawberries with dip, cheese and cracker and sweet potato hummus were served. Another friend brought a cake!

Here are some picks of the women putting on their masks.

AWW Taking it all in!! Cucumbers were optional to eat or use as eye refreshers. 

 After they washed off their masks, many moisturized their newly refreshed faces with the Aveeno BB cream. They all loved the product and fought over it at the end of the party. Too light for my complexion!

Now for the spa party- party favor ideas. If you know me you know I can not throw a party without some sort of party favor, party craft or party games. Skipped the party games for this one at home spa party and decided to go with a take home spa party craft and party favor. Otherwise known as a DIY Spa Party Favor.

The first spa party favor was homemade peppermint bath salts. It is super easy to make bath salts at home. It is a simple recipe to make these salts and you can choose what oils and scents you like. Simple enough for your guests to do too!
  • Add 1 /2 cup Epsom salt
  • 1/2 cup Sea Salt ( i purchased coarse)
  • 10 drops of Peppermint oil

I bought these plastic containers at WalMart and made labels at home. Told you it is super simple to make bath salts at home.

The next spa day activity was each guest made individual homemade sugar hand scrubs. Another super easy idea thanks to Pinterest. You can find the step by step here.

At the end of the party each guest received a gift bag with a great Aveeno product,  AVEENO® POSITIVELY NOURISHING® Comforting WHIPPED SOUFFLE.

I put a star on the bottom of each bag and put a coordinating star on an Aveeno product basket provided by Aveeno. When they picked up their gift bag they then grabbed the coordinating product!! This way no one fought over the wonderful Aveeno Products. I think all the girls had fun at the Spa Party at home and hope we do more things like this to celebrate us!!
Sharing an extra sample Aveeno Actively Radiant Night Cream with one lucky friend too. It is so soothing you can just put the mask on and say good night to your problems. LOL. Aveeno is really becoming a big part of my beauty regimine. 
What do your girl friends like to do when they get together?

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