How to Winterize your Home

How to Winterize your Home

This post about how to winterize your Home is sponsored by Sears Home Services. All opinions are 100% our own. Whether you have a new home or old, all homes come with a list of seasonal maintenance steps. While many of us think it is not necessary to worry about our home until something goes wrong, many steps should be taken seasonally to make sure our appliances continue to work efficiently, our house is free of any drafts and to lower our utility costs. Since we experiencing cooler temperatures and the long holiday weekend  maybe you can take these tips on how to winterize your home. how to winterize your home


So how exactly do you winterize your home? Winterizing encompasses a range of tasks that are simply geared toward preparing for the winter to save on utility costs as well as getting your furnace ready for winter. Proper winterization can save you money by keeping the cold out but also protects your home from possible harm due to harsh temperatures, along with freezing rain, snow, and sleet. Here in Virginia we have many ice storms that can cause damage from falling limbs and frozen water lines, some of which can be prevented.

I how compiled a list of ways to winterize your home*.

winterize your home


  • Have your furnace serviced annually by a competent professional for efficiency and safety. Winter weather is quickly approaching; can your HVAC system keep up? Trust the experts at Sears to replace or repair your heating and cooling system just in time for the holidays. Whether you’re replacing the HVAC unit you have or upgrading your home with a new feature, Sears can help with Boilers, Furnaces and more.
  • Change your air filters  Regularly Changing your filters is one way to help your system run efficiently because a dirty filter slows down airflow and makes the system work harder.
  • Insulate pipes in your home’s crawl spaces and attic
  • Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct, damper and space under the dryer.
  • Check the attic for adequate ventilation.
  • Clean the kitchen exhaust hood and air filters. (something I have never done)
  • Check the water hoses on the clothes washer, refrigerator ice maker and dishwasher for cracks and bubbles.
  • Trim any large limbs that hang over your homes.
  • Check your windows and doors for drafts. 
  • Turn off any exterior water spouts and remove any hoses
  • Before building a fire get your chimney inspected
  • *these tips to winterize your home change based on your location. 

Here are 7 more energy saving tips for Winterizing your home.

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What items would you add to these tips to winterize your home? 




  1. All excellent tips! We also change our custom window guards/covers from the summer covers to the winter ones.

  2. I actually just moved to eastern TN from California so these are really helpful tips because I’ve never lived in a place that had snow before!

  3. Great tips…thankful that I do not need them since I live in sunny Florida

  4. Oops, I haven’t been doing at least half of the things on this list. I had better get started.

  5. These are great tips! Thanks for reminding me to change my air filters… I had totally forgotten!

  6. Such an brilliant tips. I’ve never thought winterize home before.

  7. My Grandpa takes care of most of that kind of stuff in our home but it is good for me know for the future when I live on my own. There is so much to do to make your home winter ready.

  8. These are really great tips for winter. It doesnt get to too cold here but I wish It did!

  9. These are awesome tips. I don’t even know where to start… I’ll have to ask my hubby!

  10. getting a yearly maintenance contract on our heating & air system was the best choice I ever made. Well worth the money spent!

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