8 HVAC Myths Debunked

8 HVAC Myths Debunked

This post about 8 HVAC Myths Debunked is brought to you by my partnership with Sears HomeServices. All my opinions are my own.

The temperatures are finally dropped, at least today, and I can turn off the AC and open the windows. However, this won’t be the case much longer. Soon enough you are going to reach to turn on your furnace and it may not work. When is the last time you had your HVAC checked and/or serviced? I mentioned a while back that Sears Home Services were coming to check our HVAC systems .  I was floored what he found, even after it was just checked by another local company a month prior. Your mouth might actually drop when you see the obvious things they found that were not mentioned by the other service people.

HVAC Myths Debunked

I was very pleased by the professionalism of the Sears Home Services Tech. Despite the hot temps in our attic, he did not rush his inspection. The first thing he found was a water under the AC pan. Did you know you could put a little bleach down the pipes to unclog the condensation lines? Just NOT  while the systems are on. This solved the problem and there was not a cracked pan as we feared. 

HVAC Myths Debunked


He also found this dirty air handler coil and in need of a cleaning. Just think our family is breathing all of this. Why didn’t the tech that was there a month earlier find this for me? 

HVAC Myths Debunked

He then headed outside to check the outdoor units. Look at his level… Totally off. The tech suggested this can cause long term damage. Do you know if you techs check to see if your unit is level? 

HVAC Myths Debunked

I don’t have a picture, but when he checked the furnace unit in our garage, that is checked yearly, he found a burnt up owner’s manual. WE did not leave that there. How in the 8 years of furnace inspection this was never found. I am totally astonished. 

So here are the HVAC Myths Debunked we have been promising you. Which HVAC Myths did you believe ? 

HVAC myths debunked


SO this is why you should call for a check before you find yourself in the cold. HVAC checkups from Sears help keep your heating and cooling system running 
at its best. Routine HVAC maintenance helps prevent costly repairs and can make your HVAC system more energy efficient. Sears HVAC experts maintain all major types and brands of heating and whole­ house cooling systems:

● Furnace maintenance
● Central air conditioner maintenance
● Boiler maintenance
● Heat pump maintenance
● Mini­split system maintenance
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What are you waiting for? I hope you don’t have an experience like mine and you can trust the company you have had out in the past.


  1. I’ve always believed that turning down your AC, not turning it off, is the best way to save energy. I figured it would take more energy to cool down a hot house than it would to maintain a consistent temperature. Is myth #1 the same when it comes to heating up a cold house? Maybe when I get my furnace serviced, I can ask a technician.

  2. Great tips, thank you. I thought myth #2 was correct– I have only changed my filter once per year, around the Fall. Thank you, I’ll start checking this more often.

  3. I certainly did not know about any of this!! Great information! It’s great to know!!!

  4. I certainly did not know about any of this! Great information! It’s definitely good to know!!!

  5. Great info, the myths were very helpful and interesting to read! Thanks for these tips. I had no idea. Seems like maintenance is key and can save lots of money!

  6. I certainly did not know about any of this but its good to know for sure.

  7. WOw I learned something new today. I had no clue about a HVAc. thanks for teaching me something.

  8. I did not know some of these about our HVAC. Thanks for sharing these myths debunked!

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