How well does your vacuum work? Dyson Pet Brand

I remember the time when if my husband, then boyfriend bought me anything domestic related, I would throw a fit. My first christmas gift from him while dating  was a bread maker. Now I find myself asking for domestic things for big holidays. Since we bought our long haired and soon to be shedding a lot puppy this past fall, I knew our old vacuum would not be doing the trick. I researched a few different vacuums that are considered pet worthy and settled on Dyson Pet Brand.


I decided on the Dyson Pet Brand, the DC25 Pet to be specific. It has a washable HEPA filter to aid in any allergies that might rise from our new arrival. However, not an inexpensive trial but fortunately I found it on Cyber Monday for $100 off through

The wait was over, I was able to open the box and give this a whirl. Let me just add, the house was just cleaned with another vacuum before I tried it. I had never had a bag-less cylinder type vacuum before so I guess part of the shock is watching the dust and hair accumulate into the see-through container.

This is what I found after just 2 rooms of vacuuming. WOW, makes you wonder how clean my house has been the last 12 years using other vacuums.


The few disappointments of this style include, the awkwardness of the extension handle. It is not easy to maneuver away from the base. I also have to get used to the shorter cord. I feel I am unplugging in-between rooms more often than before. Maybe it is just that I am obsessed with collecting the dirt I am just vacuuming more. Let’s see how long this lasts.

This is my favorite attachment, it makes the extension handle into a mini vacuum so you can do upholstery and under beds!



I was not given anything for this review of the Dyson Pet Brand. it was simply based on my personal experience and check book!! I would love to next buy the pet groomer when her fur all grows in. Has anyone tried it yet?


  1. I go through vacuums like water…I have considered this dyson many times..thanks for the is food for thought!

  2. I have always wondered how dyson vacuums work! I have 2 dogs and I know my vacuum isn’t cleaning as much as I want it to. Thanks for the review:)

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