Ice Cream Pops-Rice Krispie Style

With the anticipation of summer and a little teacher appreciation treat for my children’s religious ed teachers, I thought I would try one more attempt at dipping something into chocolate!! Don’t worry I also purchased them a Target Gift Card!

Rice Krispies this time! I know, what was I thinking, but you see such cute designs out there now. On the disney cruise we each received flip flop shaped ones. They were so cute!!

I began by making the recipe on the back of the marshmallows for Rice Krispie Treats. A no brainer. I did give a taste to my son and his play date who said you are the best baker!! Made me think of the Rice Krispie commercial that the women is in the kitchen throwing flour around!!

     I then cut out rectangles and rounded the tops slightly.

Covered them in chocolate discs. Next time I will let the chocolate cool slightly as the marshmallows started to get soft again.

Added a few sprinkles on the corner to look like a bite maybe! Not sure just thought it was cuter.

Threw in a popsicle stick and let them cool in the fridge.

I think they turned out pretty good. This might even be a cute idea for April Fools Day. Don’t be surprised if you see it reposted next year. These would be great party favors for a summer BBQ or party.

OF course bag it in some cellophane and add a bow. Chocolate and rice Krispies are always a good combination.

I ran out of dark chocolate disc so I used some white chocolate as well. I think if I made these again I would somehow figure how to add white to the corner to look like a bite . You know with the vanilla ice cream inside look.

Have fun with this concept, as Rice Krispies are so shapeable. Let me know what you come up with.

I am off for a girls weekend so taking a blog vacation. I am leaving my children for Mother’s Day but thinking that is the best present of all. Truly getting the day or weekend off!!

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  1. Look yummy!! Marshmallows are pretty easy to cover too! Stopping by to wish you a “Happy Mother’s DAy!” Have a wonderful day~!

  2. so yummy these look great

  3. YUM! Looks tasty!