Important Facts about Dog Dental Health

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Did you know February was Pet Dental Health Month? Do you actually even think much about your dog’s teeth outside of when the Vet checks them at their yearly appointment?

With the help of I wanted to share some reasons you should be thinking about your dog’s teeth as much as your own.

natural dental chews


Chloe has already reviewed these American made Dog Treats from and I am proud to say they are a Richmond, VA based company. When they asked me to share this info with my readers I was more than willing.

We try to brush our dogs’ teeth once a week but it is also important to provide them toys and treats that aid in keeping tarter away. However, you don’t want to give them treats that are not natural and will hurt their bellies possibly.


You can find all natural, free-range, Grass-fed, antibiotic & Hormone-Free, sugar, additive, filler and Chemical-free dog treats and chews.


Chloe sampled one of their small bully sticks first and as you can see, she did not want to stop after just one! She also gobbled up the sweet potato chews. It is so assuring to know she is eating a natural product, my kids even said they would like sweet potato treats!!

dog dental health


So are you convinced to take a second look at your dog’s dental health?


Why not get started and win some bully sticks for your dog. is asking folks to take the challenge for dog dental health month and make the switch to natural dental dog chews–like bully sticks!



What are you waiting for, when was the last time you brushed your dog’s teeth? 

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  1. I am going to try the bully sticks. My dogs have never had a bully stick!

  2. i think bully sticks are okay for some dogs, however, if you have a small dog, they can break their teeth on them, my oldest dog cracked 2 teeth, one had to be removed and the other is watched and x rayed every yr. it also depends on how hard a chewer your dog is. the rule of thumb is that if you can not make a dent in a treat w/ your finger nail it is too hard for your dog to chew…