It’s a Girl…Ok I am a little distracted

The school year has gone of without a glitch with all three children gone all day. I had started updating my blog on a regular basis and getting back involved with Blog hops after a hectic summer with the kids. Stepped up my volunteering at the school. All that is changed…

I’m Home

Look what we brought home…Baby #4. Chloe  or is it Baby #5 with our outdoor cat?

The kids really wanted a dog but we all know that the dog becomes the mom’s dog. My only experience with a dog was when I was in elementary school and Dad brought home a dog without my mother’s knowledge. Well of course we begged and begged to keep it. Not sure how long it took for the novelty wore off but it turned into Mom’s responsibility.

Meet the family

As much as the kids have asked for this dog, I really wanted one too. Many of you probably think I am crazy, just gained my independence during the day, but I knew I did not want any more children and I am hopeful a dog will bring some extra joy to our family.

She is being crated and really only had one bad night, her first night. I don’t want to jinx us but she is sleeping  9 hrs without an accident. But I know this is just the beginning of a long training ride.

After a long walk

WHAT advice can you dog lovers provide so after the honeymoon period ends I still want to keep her…

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  1. She’s adorable~Congratulations!

  2. SO very cute!!

    At this stage, it’s great that she can make it all night, but all you can reasonable expect is an hour for every month old she is. So a 4 month old dog holding it for 4 hours is good.

    Make the crate a positive place – feed her in there, put treats in there, never put her in their to punish her.

    Remember at this stage that any accidents are probably your fault. As upsetting as they are, it will get better and she’ll learn to give you better signals and you’ll learn her signals better.

    Praise praise praise like mad for any positive behavior. Pottying outside, chewing on a toy instead of the couch, etc etc etc.

  3. what a cutie….lots of love….it is amazing what a protector your little dog will become….and if like my dogs she will follow you from room to room. You will have an extraordinary bond…. I have recently lost 3 of my dogs to old age and illness…when they are gone you realize how much they changed your life….and you miss them more then you would ever believe.

  4. What a cutie! My friends have all crate trained and it really helped.