Ju Ju Be Bags take the test at Amusement Parks

I was recently asked to chose a Ju Ju Be Bags to review and I chose to give the Be Right Back Bag a test during our recent trip to Legoland and Disney World. Although I was provided a product to conduct this review, all the opinions expressed are my own. So what do you look for in a back pack especially one that need to hold your gear for hours during a trek through amusement parks? The Ju Ju  Be RightBack Pack did not only fit the bill but it was the most fashionable back pack at the parks, (at least I thought so)

diaper bags

Ju Ju Be Bags are really designed as diaper bags or mom bags. They are all waterproof and have the micorfiber insides to help with germs. The waterproof feature was given the ultimate test during our weekend in Orlando. It was cold and rainy for 3 full days walking around amusement parks. While we had ponchos it was still exposed to some moisture.

waterproof laptop bag

Here are the fun features of each Ju Ju Be Bags as listed on their website:

1. Machine washable.
2. Most bags have attachments for Be Connected™ stroller clip system.
3. Tons of smart pockets. (will discuss below)
4. Crumb Drains™…bye-bye mess! (my backpack did not have this feature)
5. Metal feet on selected bags. (not on the backpack)
6. 3M™ Thinsulate™ in the insulated bottle pockets…climate controlled.
7. Memory foam in shoulder pads
8. Teflon® fabric protector…helps repel stains.
9. Custom, all-metal hardware
10. Agion®-protected linings…natural antimicrobial treatment inhibits and reduces the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. (a must for any multi purpose kid bag)
11. Light-colored linings…you can actually see what’s inside; it’s not just a big black hole in there.
12. Self-healing coil zippers.
13. Ergonomically curved straps
14. Tons of details, from jewels in the zipper pulls to stars on the labels.
15. Memory foam changing pads…(using this for my laptop)
16. Mommy pockets with lots of organization.
17. PVC- and lead-free!!!

I did not take any risks but did enclose my phone in a plastic bag, but I would have done that anyway as I worry about water rides and I don’t have a waterproof phone case.

ju ju be bags

These bags have pockets for everything. I put my phone in this pocket for easy access, no searching the bottom of my purse for my phone.

laptop bags

I also love this front pocket which has a case for sunglasses, that also cleans them, a key phob and other small pockets for id’s etc.

durable backpacks

The main pocket while not huge, was perfect to carry around jackets, snacks and ponchos for my son and I. It also was the perfect size for my MacBook Pro. (for travel pursposes not for the parks). Each Ju Ju Be Bag comes with a diaper pad, in its own pocket as well. I took it out for the parks but will keep it in while transporting my laptop for some extra padding.

laptop back pack

This is the fun side pocket that hold the diaper pad, which if I was using it would feel confident the germs were separate from the rest of the items in the bag.

diaper bags

Talk about padding, after 8 hours for 3 days in a row, my shoulders were not soar from carrying around this Ju Ju Be Bags Backpack. The straps are not only adjustable but have an extra padding both along the entire back of the bag but also on the straps.

laptop bags


The two “bottle” slots on the sides were perfect for carrying waterbottles and hand sanitizer, something we went in for a lot during our adventure.

All the bags come in a multitude of adorable prints  and styles available so you wont be losing your diaper bag amongst all the black bags out there. (don’t get me wrong they do have black if that is what you prefer. ) There is sure one that fits your personality and style.


Once you get used to all the pockets and can remember where you put all of your things, you will never go back to the single backpack options. If this Ju Ju Be back pack could handle the long hours and bad weather of Florida, it can handle a few playdates. 

 What features do you like best about these bags? 

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  1. Love the organization.

  2. Such a cute bag. I like that it has so many different pockets to store things.

  3. The pattern you chose is adorable. I love how soft and padded it looks!