Last minute party or neighbor gifts

It’s crunch time for Christmas. Neighbors are starting to distribute their little tokens of friendship and the kids might have a few more days of school if you are lucky. So what can you put together that is inexpensive but thoughtful.

Remember the cookies in the jar but you don’t have the correct size jars on hand. I am pretty sure you have festive gift bags or smaller containers on hand.

Simply place all the ingredients in a ziploc, a quart size is plenty for this recipe. 

   Then add it to your bag with the directions attached. This is done quickly and the kids can even  participate. It won’t stay layered but they taste the same!!

Fudge cookie cutters.  I made these for place settings one Thanksgiving. I wanted to share my Christmas version.. I made peppermint fudge and decorated with leftover royal icing.

Here my sister made these for a baby shower and just added sprinkles for decoration.

So easy and inexpensive. I added a family sticker I created from a blog review.

More of a baker. This is the first time I have tried paper baking trays. I found them for 40% off at Michael’s and could not resist, especially since they came with all the packaging. They did have a little smell in the oven as they baked but they looked great.

SImply make your favorite quick bread recipe and divide it between three of these small papers.

After making these I saw many different sizes at Sur La Table sold individually. They did not have prices on them so I could not compare.

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