Make your own Carmel Apples ….A fun way to enjoy fall’s bounty

I am sure you all have seen the gourmet apples they sale especially around the holidays. All covered with carmel, chocolate and candy. Well how about make a quick batch of carmel and set out an assortment of toppings for the kids and adults to dig into.

I put a few items like M&M’s, mini chocolate chips, Sprinkles, chopped nuts and crushed up oreos out in a muffin tin. I think if I did it again I would put them in separate bowls so you can roll the apple into the toppings.
( Less messy)

I covered a baking sheet with a Silpat this time. They came off wonderfully. In the past I have used wax paper, just be sure to coat it with cooking spray.

Make your own caramel, I have only made the recipe from the bag of wrapped caramels. Have the children do the dirty work of unwrapping them. You can always make it into a math learning experience! I used small to medium apples and coated 6 apples.

Make sure to use different colored popsicles sticks for each person or simply label each stick. 

I follow the microwave directions and do the dipping of the apples since it comes out so hot.

The let the lucky recipient get into all the fun toppings and make their own masterpiece. I think my husband had just as much fun as the kids. His idea was to crush the oreos.

Let them set for a few minutes and you have a yummy and somewhat 
healthy dessert …They are getting a whole piece of fruit!!

I think these were a hit


I think this would be a fun and non-traditional ending to a casual dinner party with adults:)  

What are some of your favorite toppings for Caramel Apples???


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