Meal Supplements–What to feed your child when they refuse to eat

During cold and flu season kids can get sick multiple times. Often when my kids get too sick they lose their appetite. So what can you give them and not feel guilty about the empty calories and lack of nutrition?? What can you feed your kids when they are sick during cold and flu season?

How about Ice Cream? But not just any kind of ice cream, THRIVE Ice cream. Which is both GLUTEN FREE and suitable for those LACTOSE INTOLERANT!

My youngest recently had a double ear infection, pink eye and a horrible cough. He was put on antibiotics but not interested in eating. The doctor stressed the importance of having the antibiotic with some food.

While we waited for his prescription to be filled, we went to the local grocery store and I asked him what will you eat? I was willing to buy Anything to avoid the stomach upset that would come if he did not have food in his stomach. You know what I am talking about!

What a challenge.

He chose ice cream. Fine! If he will eat it!

Well the next day I recieved my sample of THRIVE Ice Cream.  

So what is Thrive ice cream, meal supplement?

Thrive is premium ice cream packed with the nutrition you need, containing as much protein as an egg, as much calcium as a cup of milk and as much potassium as a banana. It has the fat of regular ice cream but so much more how can you refuse?


It’s perfect for moms of picky eater kids, health-conscious consumers, dieters looking for a guilt-free indulgence, caregivers of difficult-to-feed elderly, and everyone in between. I also thought it would be wonderful for a child getting their tonsils out or just plain sick and not interested in eating. You always hear they will only eat ice cream!

 Available in Homemade Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry and Chocolate Fudge flavors, each cup of Thrive contains at least 9 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, 4 different strains of probiotics and 25% of the daily recommended amounts of 24 vitamins and minerals. Did I mention Gluten free and sitable for those Lactose Intolerant?

He does not look so sick here!

My kids loved these. My son that was sick was a little more picky but he is about all food really. I personally tried the chocolate fudge and thought it tasted like rich ice cream with a little taste of a frozen yogurt. I love that it has probiotics for my little one on antibiotics. Feeding a child on antibiotics some foods containing probiotics will hopefully keep him from getting diarrhea.

Look for these in your grocers freezer. Still fussy, add some sprinkles. It is Ice Cream after all! Find out what others are saying about Thrive Ice Cream on their Twitter and

What foods will your kids eat when they feel sick?

I received product to review but was not provided any further compensation. All the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.


  1. This is the first I have heard of this, but it is good to know about!

  2. A friend of mine just told me her 5 yr old eats nothing except for chicken nuggets and fries. I’m going to recommend this to her. thanks!

  3. Wow, this looks awesome. I’ll have to check it out for my daughter.

  4. I wouldnt mind getting probiotics this way! Thanks for the review!

  5. my kids love ice-cream when they are sick–this one is nice NO GUILT =)

  6. Oh how I could have used them when my son was small. the doctor finally just said feed him what ever he wants. Which now means I make 2 meals most nights. One for him and one for everyone else. I could have used these back in the day.

  7. What a great idea! Thank you for the information!

  8. Oh what a great way to include the nutrition that kids need. I love it.

  9. My kids eat lots of applesauce when they are sick.

  10. Great idea! They get nutrition while eating something yummy!

  11. Yum! Would love to try Thrive- sounds good.

  12. This is right down my youngest son’s lane!! He refuses to eat any meat, and having a supplement that has the protein he needs is awesome. I am just not too sure I like the idea of it being ice cream (as a treat it would be awesome, but I don’t want my children to get used to eating ice cream very single day)

    From PDX with Love

  13. I never heard of this brand before! I’m going to be looking for them on my next trip to the store.
    I hope your little guy is feeling better <3

  14. I had never heard of this it sounds great! Thanks for the information.

  15. I so wish I could give this to my younger daughter – she’s such a picky eater – but she’s allergic to dairy.

  16. Thank you so much for this great information!

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