Mean Green Cleaners and Degreasers

I wanted to introduce you to a new program I just joined. The Mean Green Ambassador group. I have never heard of these products before this week but since I find my boys bathroom getting grosser and grosser with the products I currently use, I thought I would try new products that might help make my life a little cleaner. I apologize in advance if you come upon a post in the next few months that shows pictures of my boys bathroom. Truly there is no longer any white grout around their toilet? Who said it boys should pee standing up anyway? Seriously, I look forward to trying some new products and sharing some new cleaning DIY’s with you all the next couple of months. 


MEan Green cleaning products

What are Mean Green Cleaners? 

Mean Green’s line-up of specialized cleaning products that I received to demonstrate include:  Mean Green Mildew DestroyerMean Green Orange Champ, and Mean Green Antibacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner, Mean Green Super Strength. 

Throughout the year I’ll be trying out Mean Green products around my house and letting you know how they work as well as so great DIY cleaning tips. If I had a choice to clean or cook, I definitely prefer the kitchen or even the garden over any cleaning task. Hopefully with the ease of these new products I will become a cleaning machine. (Laugh out Loud )

Mean Green cleaning products ambassador

By the looks of the label, this guy means business when it comes to cleaning. I hope I get that attitude towards it as well, my husband will be more than gracious to see the change. To learn more about Mean Green before I start my cleaning projects, be sure to check them out at:,  or .

MEan Green cleaning products

What cleaning projects do you hope I tackle in the next few month? 


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