Mini Cracker Pizza Bites Buffet Idea


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My kids are always craving pizza and could really eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They also come home starving after school and sports so I thought I would create a hearty snack that would cover both their love of pizza and their favorite RITZ Crackers. Let me tell you they have to be RITZ Crackers too, my daughter gave me the riot act when I didn’t buy them.
Mini Cracker Pizza Bites Buffet Idea

I always shop at Kroger and they always have the supplies I need for both everyday meals as well as when I entertain. These RITZ Crackers Pizza Bites can be used as a buffet for all the kids to create their own combinations, or you can have them baked and ready for your hungry kids when they get home from school. Heck if your kids are old enough, they can shop with you at Kroger, pick out the ingredients and then make the snacks themselves. They just might need help with the oven depending on their age and comfort level in the kitchen.

Also according to my kids, not only do I have to buy RITZ Crackers but they need to be the Original…. They were very reasonably priced when I went shopping, at Kroger, so I stocked up.

Mini Cracker Pizza Bites Buffet Idea

Put out an assortment of pizza toppings that you kids might enjoy. 

Mini Cracker Pizza Bites Buffet Idea
For our family, we chose pepperoni, mushrooms, cheese, fresh basil and of course pizza sauce. Just be sure to cut up the ingredients into small pieces as your pizza crust is tiny. Mini Cracker Pizza Bites Buffet Idea

Now this is the time when  the kids or adults can get creative with their ingredients for these Mini Cracker Pizza Bites. Simply layer a small amount of pizza topping onto each cracker. With this set up it is pretty self-explanatory that the kids can make their own as long as you don’t mind a little mess along the way!

Mini Cracker Pizza Bites Buffet Idea

Cracker Pizza Bites

Then layer some shredded cheese and top each cracker with the food combos you find the most desirable. I just can’t wait to see what you pick up at Kroger to top these little snacks with. 

Mini Cracker Pizza Bites Buffet Idea

The kids might be tempted to put a lot of toppings on each one, but simple is better with this easy snack recipe. 

Mini Cracker Pizza Bites Buffet Idea

Bake for about 5 minutes at 350 degrees. Just be sure to check on them. If you put a lot of sauce on the crackers, they will be a little soggy and may require extra bake time. 

Mini Cracker Pizza Bites Buffet Idea

Put them on a platter or let the kids pick out the ones they made and put them on individual plates. If you are choosing to do this as a buffet, I would suggest using small sheet pans for each kid or placing  each child’s creations on a piece of parchment with their name on it. 
Mini Cracker Pizza Bites Buffet Idea


To find more ideas using RITZ Crackers, be sure to check out I bet you never thought of half of the combinations they are using. You will never get bored with your RITZ Crackers and Kroger will have the ingredients you need to make them. You can also find RITZ Crackers at any Kroger banner store including, Fred Meyer, Dillons, and Ralphs.



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  1. these look delicious!

  2. My hubby loves Ritz crackers. He’ll eat them right out of the bag all day long. I’ll bet he would LOVE these! I’m gonna try them! Thanks for the idea!

  3. We just did homemade pizzas the other night! These would have been a lot easier.

  4. Looking at the pictures made me hungry. I think I could eat like 30 of those lol

  5. These are such a cute idea! I would love to make these for my kids’ parties!

  6. These are such fun appetizers and something I know my kids would love.

  7. Oh what a delicious snack! My kids, especially my boys would be all over these in an instant! They look so tasty!