My Adventures of Curing Olives Post #2

Exactly a month ago I started curing olives thanks to the folks at Penna Foods whom sent me a box of fresh olives. You can see the first stages of my adventure of Curing olives on my first post.  This was a new experience for me and I was excited and anxious to see the outcome.

Here is the picture of the day they arrived:


The directions on Penna foods were not that descriptive and being a visual learner there were not any pictures. So basically I just set off on this adventure in hopes that I knew what I was doing.

Well here are my olives after several weeks sitting in a water bath that I changed daily and then put into a vinegar solution to flavor the olives.

Most of them were still pretty green and sour. About 30% of them had the color and flavor of a cured olive that I expected. Maybe I should have pounded them again and started over with the water baths.

I love trying new things and am disappointed these did not turn out as I love love green olives and so does the rest of my family.

I hope someone else who was graciously given these fresh olives will have a wonderful post for others to view so we can all be more successful.

If you have ever done anything like this please comment as to what you think happened or is there anything I can still do to salvage these beauties.


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  1. My grandmother used to make her own Greek olives (Kalamata) and they were so much better than the store-bought ones. Even if she bought the gallon jar of the store-bought, she cured them more until the skins were soft and wrinkled. That’s when they are really good. My guess is that they needed curing longer.