My Favorite Mommy Time Out Activities

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Even though all my kids are in school and I work from home I still need to take breaks or a mommy time out. I thought I would share my top 5 Favorite Mommy time out activities and maybe you could share yours in the comments below too.

My Favorite Mommy Time Out Activities

My Favorite Mommy Time Out Activities

Take a walk

Before having my ACL accident and surgery, a walk with the dog was a great way to get some fresh air and regroup. It was an excuse to get away from the computer or annoying kids. Now I can’t walk very far and still can not walk my 70 lb dog in case she pulled me in a squirrel sighting.

Candy Crush Saga

As mindless as it seems, sometimes I just need to take a break and play a few minutes of a game. I usually don’t last very long and it has a limited amount of lives so there is no way to get too caught up in the gaming aspect.

Green Tea Time

The short time it takes to brew a cup of hot green tea is just what I need sometimes to refocus when I feel distracted from work or just need a break from the computer screen.

Cafe Breaks Pudding Cups

Have you seen these beauties in the pudding aisle of your grocer yet? They are in the non-refrigerated aisle with many of the other pudding snack products.

I happened to catch a glance while shopping for kids lunch supplies and grabbed one of each flavor they had at our store.

My Favorite Mommy Time Out Activities

Coffee and pudding, could a mom have a better combination available to her. The ticket, is keeping these hidden from the kids and husband so they will be there next time I need to regroup in the day. I usually don’t drink coffee after my morning cup, but often crave the flavor.

My Favorite Mommy Time Out Activities

Well when I want something sweet and a little pick me up, Cafe Breaks is the perfect solution. Since they are individually packaged there is no guilt that I will eat more than a serving size. Just the pick me up this mom needs.

My Favorite Mommy Time Out ActivitiesDon’t tell the kids where they are!

My Favorite Mommy Time Out Activities

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  1. These sound like great ways to relax and unwind. I have not heard of the Cafe Breaks pudding before, but it looks delicious!