National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Even pets need a day to celebrate in their honor. In celebration of National Dress up your Pet Day today, my children decided to put some
glam on our puppy. I know it is  a silly holiday but the first year of our dog I thought we would participate!

Should have done this when she was smaller, as she barely fits in their old Halloween outfits. **The Children were Supervised, as you do not want to hurt your animal in the process.

Fire-woman Would not wear the hat!

 There is not place like home, wish we had some sparkly shoes!

 GO USA!! The best fitting costume.

Now we did not try to dress our cat but here are some I found on the web:

Feline Fashionistas:

 Dog Pictures

Feel free to send me your photos or links to your pets and I will post them with a link to your blog if applicable. Have a wonderful long weekend.

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  1. That’s a riot!

  2. So cute!