NERF Toys the go to Gift for kids of all ages Holiday Gift Guide


I can not even count the number of NERF toys we have had through the ages. I am probably sitting on a little foam bullet right now. I think they are such well made toys and really entertain the kid without too much electronics involved. I have especially loved the NERF Night Vision football and basketball series they came out with last year. Even though it has batteries, the kids are out playing sports.

I love NERF so much we had my son’s 7th birthday party a NERF party.  Water shooters was the theme, perfect for a summer birthday. They kids ran off all their sugar. Everyone I think absolutely LOVED IT. Is it awful to repeat the same birthday theme?

When Christmas rolls around I have one child who usually waits until the last minute to decide what he wants to ask Santa for. Well this year I am two steps ahead of him, I got him the newest NERF toy, Nerf Night Vision Camcorder.

 They are going to go wild over these:

  • Includes a night-vision camcorder, USB cable and a Vivitar Experience Image Manager CD
  • Perfect for zeroing in on your pretend targets
  • Camcorder allows you to see up to 50 feet in the dark and record video with 4x magnification
  • Videos and photos can be played back on the LCD screen
  • Contains LED/IR lights

SRP: $69.99 –Nerf Night Vision Camcorder (only 14 left at Amazon)

While we have not tried these yet, I did see a demo on YouTube and the person viewed the room with lights and then again with her NERF Night Vision Camcorder on, and I must say I was impressed as an adult, can’t imagine what the boys will think! I do worry about the battery life on something so technical, yet a kids toy, so just be sure and have some extra on hand. It will be interesting what these boys decide to video in the dark!

Would your son enjoy these NERF Night Vision Camcorder?



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