Summer Birthday Party Ideas– NERF Water Blaster

I get it is hard to plan a winter birthday party because you can’t be outside  but it can be challenging to have a summer birthday party too. Kids complain it is too hot, afternoon thunderstorms threaten parties mosquitos, etc.

The weather gods blessed us this year and I am able to share these  summer birthday party ideas with you. (It rained nonstop for a week before)!!

Thanks to House Party, NERF and CHEETOS Brand, my 7-year-old celebrated with his friends with one of the best party ideas I have had. Best being easiest, my 9-year-old even commented on the easy clean up!

close to home


Who knew if you gave 8 boys a bounce house, already scheduled to have for the neighborhood party I was having in front of my house, and NERF super Soakers, you could pretty much sit back and watch.

However, I did specify before giving out the super soakers that no adults could be targeted unless asked or they would lose gun privileges for 10 mins. Seemed to work!! (My 9-year-old of course tested this rule!)

These boys were already pumped when they arrived as the party was scheduled on their last day of school. Being greeted by a bounce house set the mood and allowed for a few giggles to get out before the action really started.


  1. Set the Scene: Create a water gun battleground in your backyard or nearby park with colorful decorations, balloons, and banners to create a fun and festive atmosphere.
  2. Get the Gear: Purchase a variety of water guns for your guests or ask them to bring their own. Be sure to have extra water guns on hand in case some of them malfunction or break.
  3. Provide Protection: Have plenty of towels, sunscreen, and water bottles available to keep your guests hydrated and safe from the sun’s harmful rays. You may also want to provide a designated area for guests to store their valuables and dry clothes.
  4. Plan Activities: In addition to water gun battles, plan other fun activities such as water balloon tosses, relay races, and obstacle courses to keep the party going.
  5. Offer Refreshments: Keep your guests fueled and refreshed with snacks and drinks such as watermelon slices, popsicles, and lemonade. Consider having a picnic-style lunch or dinner to keep the party going all day long.


Before heading to our back yard for Nerf Super Soaker distribution, Rules were set with the main one being HAVE FUN!

container of sunglasses that says protective eyewear


Each child was given a set of dollar store sunglasses for Eye Protection. Water in the eye is no fun.

close to home

We set up an obstacle course in the back yard

  •  Pool noodles loaded on Skewers for crawl throughs
  • A few water stations available for refill (baby pool and tubs)
  • Stacked cups for “cup challenge,
  • Helium balloons for moving targets
  • Hula hoops for target practice

party ideasadding a name tag to each water gun that in laminated so they dont lose their waterpistol


Each child was given a NERF SUPER SOAKER FLASH BLAST (each one was tagged with a laminated name tag and sharpie pen)

  • They shared the NERF SUPER SOAKER SHOTWAVE BLASTER –removable cartridge

The kids had fun with these challenges but really enjoyed hitting each other with the Super Soaker Flash Blasters. These water shooters retail for $10 and they seem to hold up. I purchased enough for all the kids to have one

. I tend to buy the super cheap water shooters and they do not make it a full season. My kids have since brought these to our pool and they are a big hit.

Why not there is an unlimited supply of water. They just have to be more aware of adults and people eating! Make sure you laminate your signs, I just used the self laminating material you can get at Walmart that I already had on hand.

close to home

These amazing pictures were taken from  my friend and blogger/photographer, Stacy. Please visit her blog, Liminal Moments Photography, and give her some love.

water gun party pin, a single water gun

 NERF inspired SNACKS for Refueling station:

  • Ammo- CHEETOS White Cheddar Puffed corn-(An amazing and addictive new product.)
  • NERF Juice- Orange Hawaiian Punch
  • NERF themed cupcakes

I told you this was an easy party idea! The kids went from the bounce house and water area until the parents arrived. Each child was given their NERF Super Soaker, sunglasses and a bag of summer themed gummies as a take away.

Everyone went away happy, no major accidents and definitely wet and tired. What a great HOUSE PARTY Idea for summer birthdays.

How to throw a Water Gun Birthday Party

Even if you don’t have a birthday to celebrate, grab the neighbors and their super soakers, GET outside and HAVE FUN.


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