New trends in flower bouquet design

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It’s time to talk flowers. We’ve scoured the internet for the latest and most up to the minute styles in wedding bouquets to deliver you the best of the looks to create the most memorable wedding arrangements. After having a look at what’s out there today, you may actually enjoy your bouquet a little bit too much to want to actually throw it over your shoulder!


Flower Choices?
If you’re unsure as to where to start as far as your arrangement is concerned, we recommend incorporating flowers that have specific importance to you as well as your man. Consider using a flower that blooms in the month of your birthday, or maybe something special to him or his mother, or perhaps a bloom from a bouquet that your beloved first gave to you!

Mix it up
Rather than getting sidetracked using one unique flower, opt in your bouquet for a combination of shades and plants. If you’d like some uniformity, perhaps choose a mix of plants or a color design to keep up some sophisticated yet out there design that will really get your guests talking.

Get emotional
Adding something that has meaning for your requirn of rich green leaves and you shouldn’t be afraid to include colours and different sizes by mixing up the bouquet with some leaves, branches and even mosses and sticks. There are whole host of options available to you so why not use them?
Ditch the handle
In the place of holding your flowers tied together with something standard like a bow or lace, choose something else that has some private and special meaning for you and your beau. You can think about attaching your blossoms to a guide from a special trip you took together overseas, or perhaps a special item or figure from your lives, or really – any item with special meaning to your groom and you.

Change form
There are certainly a few alternatives to the traditional bouquet gaining recognition. Take a bunch of closely bundled plants if you want to accomplish something a little bit different or perhaps you could cradle a sheaf of long stemmed flowers in your arms draped in some ribbon. You could even move away from the bouquet altogether and go with something like a garland of flowers around your head or a bouquet of flowers on your wrist or corsage.
You have so many options for adding some pizzazz to your bouquet, and with the addition of crystals, beads, pins and acrylic diamonds able to be incorporated into the layout of the arrangement it’s now so easy to add sparkle to your wedding day. Other options include adding feathers or attractive ribbons or fabric around the stem of your arrangement if you are going for a more contemporary type of feel. Traditional types can opt for something like lace as well.

Royal inspiration
Did you adore the royal wedding as much as we did? If you were totally in love with Willy and Kate as we were then you probably were head over heels for the traditional yet elegant design of Kate’s bouquet – which while it wasn’t totally large and over the top, still managed to retain enough style and new designing to ensure that she’ll be setting the standard for bridal flowers for the next few years to come.
So, we can say now that there are a number of ways in which you can design a place with flower bouquets, sourced from the renowned florists such as Fresh Flowers.     

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  1. Nice tips. A bouquet is lovely to look at especially if it comes with different shades of flowers. Not for wedding, but I love arranging flower bouquets and will send them to my relatives and special friends during Mother’s day, Christmas and other special occasions.