One Stop Back to School Shopping at Sears

I participated in this sponsored campaign for SEARS about One Stop Back to School Shopping at Sears . All opinions stated are my own. #GearUpWithSears

How many more weeks of summer vacation do you have? We start before Labor Day and slowly my anticipation for the scheduled days is building and in some ways I am looking forward to back to school season. Where do you shop for back to school? Did you know Sears has everything you need from activewear to denim to footwear, backpacks and more. When my kids were little, I purchased a lot of their clothing there, I just love Toughskins for those rough and tumble toddlers. What we discovered is that Sears also has a great selection of back to school clothes for kids starting Kindergarten to young ladies in high school.  One Stop Back to School Shopping at Sears

Back to school shopping at Sears

We spent the day before heading out for our last vacation, shopping for school supplies for a special family. My friend has been supporting a refugee family for the last year. She takes them groceries, to doctor appointments, you name it. When given the task to start the first day of school in style and comfort, we thought of getting some clothes and supplies for one of the refugee children. We chose to shop for the youngest child, Mahdi, who is an nine year old boy. 

As stores are transitioning to back to school clothes, there was still a great selection of items to choose from and many sale items that will get your kids started off  during the first couple weeks which are still pretty warm.

Jeans: One Stop Back to School Shopping at Sears One Stop Back to School Shopping at Sears

I loved this jean dress and there were a few jean skirts but they did not have my daughter’s size at this location.

One Stop Back to School Shopping at Sears

If the jeans fit; buy them! All your favorite brands are on sale at Sears including Levi’s, Roebuck & Co., Lee, R1893, Bongo and Toughskins. My kids can’t wear jeans to school but Mahdi can, so we got him a great pair of Roebuck & Co jeans. The assortment in the Juniors selection was pretty 


Boys can’t have enough sneakers, especially active ones. We found a large range of shoes for kids and all decently priced. Sears has all kids’ shoes on sale starting at $9.99 so you can buy a few pairs to get them thru at least half the school year. . There were several different styles available from flashy hightops to comfortable sneakers that will get any kid excited about going to gym class.

One Stop Back to School Shopping at Sears


Sears had a decent selection of backpacks to select from in many color and styles. We decided to go with the one that also had a detachable water bottle and lunch box. I love the cool grey and black graphics. The family is really into soccer, so we picked up some cool work out gear as well.  One Stop Back to School Shopping at Sears

One Stop Back to School Shopping at Sears

The early months of back to school brings about sporadic temperatures. Be sure to buy items you can layer to make sure they are prepared at the bus stop. Here is the loot we got for Mahdi, we hope he likes it. 

One Stop Back to School Shopping at Sears

My picky teenager also found a few tops to start the the school year off right in the Junior section at Sears. 

One Stop Back to School Shopping at Sears

Hurry on in or check out the Sears Shoppable Back to School Catalog for fun looks and outfit inspiration to save on all these great fashions and more with this sale at Sears: 

New school year, new looks… get an extra 20% off when you spend $50 or more thru 8/12 to gear up on all the back to school necessities to make this year amazing.


What do you think about the options for Back to school shopping at Sears??





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  1. I like back to school shopping as long as I don’t have to go to several stores. I always spend more than $50 so the discount will draw me toward Sears.

  2. To be honest I thought all the Sears stores had closed. My mom and I used to go back to school shopping at Sears. We had such a good time. I always will keep those memories with me.

  3. sears is an amazing place to find deals for back to school! I love going there for the Christmas season as well.

  4. Sears usually has a good selection of clothes for kids. I don’t know if they still have the kids program or not but that really came in handy when I had to school shop for my son a while back. But they always have amazing sales!

  5. I love back to school shopping time! I get so many great deals on supplies and clothing for my kids at such great prices!

  6. I actaully haven’t even seen a Sears in my area, they have closed nearly all the stores around this area. It would be nice to be able to shop there as they have nice stuff and good deals!

  7. It’s nice to having to drive all around town when picking up new clothes for the kids! They definitely have everything at Sears!

  8. You got some really cute outfits! I love back to school shopping.

  9. Sears has everything! Too bad they’re closing shop in town. Though I bet there are great closing deals to be had too!

  10. Sears is definitely great for back-to-school since you can get so many things in one store. They closed the Sears in Toronto though and I’m not even sure where the next closest one is!