Pork Tenderloin Recipe: Bold Pulled Pork Appetizer Bites

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Feeding a family of 5 can be daunting, especially since I have cooked home cooked meals since they were little. The kids have pretty sophisticated pallets for their age so the days of mac and cheese out of a box and chicken nuggets are few and far between. Granted they get freezer food at times but I hear about it. I continue to tell them how lucky they are to have a mom that cooks and exposes them to new and bold flavors. (I feel pretty fortunate too) So far we have been pretty lucky making sure we can eat dinner together. If it means we eat later than normal, we adjust as best we can. Since my kids have such a great palette I need to incorporate bold flavors to even the simplest of meals and that is why I decided to mix up my traditional slow cooker pulled pork Tenderloin recipe with Ore-Ida® Bold & Crispy fries, specifically the Smoky BBQ Oven Chip.

pulled-pork-bites-recipeI thought small bites would be perfect not only for our dinner but also for a summer picnic or party. These two bite bold appetizers are super quick and easy and the sweetness of the Root Beer Pulled pork blends so wonderfully with the Bold and Crispy flavor of the Smoky BBQ Oven Chips. Not to mention they are the perfect size to pile up the ingredients.


First cook make your slow cooker pulled pork in the am. This is a great pork tenderloin recipe as it is easy and only uses 2 ingredients. Right before serving, bake your fries per package directions and lay onto a serving tray. Add a fork full of the pulled pork.

pulled pork bites

Top with some cole slaw and a dollop of extra BBQ Sauce and serve.


When we have a dinner together that has a new twist or recipe it sparks conversation. With a teen and tween in the house, the conversation can get pretty intense. Especially since my middle child reads the newspaper each morning and often needs to be redirected with his facts. Soon there will be talks about drugs and alcohol and I want to be sure we create an environment that the kids will feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and concerns. We barely see each other during the day and if you can take an hour out of your busy schedule to sit and enjoy a meal together, those bold conversations will come naturally. Granted sometimes the topics are not appropriate for the entire family but you can always continue them somewhere else.

For parents out there looking to add some bold conversation to your dinner table, I would suggest checking out Ore Ida #FindYourBold Pinterest board for conversation starters, too!


Be sure to check out the bold new flavors of Ore-Ida® Bold & Crispy fries . They come in these amazing combinations. Be sure to grab a coupon for $1 off. 
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Find the Slow cooker pulled pork recipe here: 

What would you pair with the new  Ore-Ida® Bold & Crispy fries ? Grab a $1 off coupon too. Which flavor would you choose first? 

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